Feb 25, 2010

Great new company, StrappedBelts.com!

Think StrappedBelts sounds like just a company that sells belts? Quite the contrary!  StrappedBelts is a fused glass company selling everything from buckles, cuff links, earrings, necklaces and even housewares!  Great variety of beautiful products.  Founder John Frechette started the company after his employer going bankrupt.  The glass is kiln-formed and very gorgeous.  

Since I am a jewelry designer myself and a jewelry addict,  I find their earrings and necklaces absolutely gorgeous.  They're stunning and really would work with anything you would want to wear.  Their tablewear is also amazing.  If I had the money, I would definitely purchase these plates for my home.  They're just gorgeous and made so beautifully.  Definitely check them out because they put their heart and soul into all of their products.  It shows. 
StrappedBelts most recently joined in a partnership with three Olympic skiiers, Hailey Duke, Sarah Schleper and Megan McJames! In fact, they allowed StrappedBelts to "bling them out" for the Olympics!  They just fell in love with the products.  
This is Sarah's fourth Olympics and she is a fighter! She struggled to get back after blowing out her knee AND having a baby, but she fought her way back! In my opinion, having a sports related injury and having a baby, it's admirable that she got back into her sport! (Unlike me who never got back into my figure skating!)  Sarah started skiing when she was just 11 and had accomplished so much in her Olympic career!

Megan is just out of High School being only 22 years old.  She started skiing when she was just 2 years old, and at 8 years old joined a Park City racing program.  She won her first world cup in 2006 at a very young age and is now going for the Olympics.  She seems to have so much determination and drive and will accomplish all of her dreams, I'm sure of it!
Hailey started skiing when she was 2 as well, and entered her first competition when she was just 4! At age 8 she joined a racing team, also competing in Taekwondo competitions as well.  When she became a teenager, she decided to focus all her time and energy on skiing, and rightfully so!  Even though she competed in Taekwondo in the national level, she's now in the Olympics for her great skiing!  Good luck girls!!

StrappedBelts.com wants to offer our readers 25% off of their purchase on the website.  Just enter the coupon code "Olympics" in the field when asked. 

Strapped Belts has offered us credit in their shop for posting our review of their items as well as the partnership with the three Olympic skiiers.  They have not compensated monetary at all.  We thank StrappedBelts for this great opportunity.  We love their products! - Photos of Olympians credited to Kelli Baxendale http://www.baxendalephoto.com/.