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Mar 2, 2007

Room Tour :)

Since my room is now very clean and organized, I thought I would post this view of my room.  I'm very proud of it now. :) This is how an artsy single mom of two girls lives.  No one to tell me how to do my room otherwise! [Yet!]
The door to my room.  I love Rent. :)

(You can click on the pic to get a larger view)
This is basically the view when you walk into my room from my door.  It's just my radiator with a lot of my bath and body products and my fax machine, my desk, printer stand and closet door.

If you turned left from there, this is what you would see.  My dry erase board is fun. lol I have some pictures on there.  That dresser/armoir is actually an upcycled one that I got for my daughter's room when she was a baby.  It was all trashed and I restored it and painted the drawers/added drawer handles and painted the side cabinet.  It had detachable fairies on it that I also made out of foamboard, but I took those off so it wouldn't be too childish in my room. :)  

My closet door with some purses (not all of them!) and scarves.  My bed, awesome homemade storage headboard, my shelf above my bed that I call my "Broadway Shelf" because it has all my playbills and broadway memoribilia. :)

 I'm aware that the left side of my wall over there <-- looks pretty boring an uneventful.  I'm planning on putting some things up there. :)  That shelf, I have no idea what to do with it.  I'm probably going to put some pictures on it.  It used to have ALL of my art stuff on it, but right now there's not too muchr oom or time for that. I do love my french bulletin board right above that and my shelf.  The shelf has random shit on it.

The top of my dresser.  Mostly my makeup, jewelry, perfume, etc... I have my favorite necklaces/bracelets hanging from the pegs on my shelf.  The rest of the necklaces/bracelets are in a jewelry box somewhere on that dresser. LOL

The colorful hand has ALL my rings on it.  I never knew how many I had until I put them on there. LOL  I also have the birdhouse I painted for Alayna's room when she was a baby, my victoria secret fragrance collection, some makeup that I use all the time, lotions, etc...

 At the other end of my shelf, I got a cute "Rock" picture holder from a garage sale (also where I got the shelf for a dollar!) holdin pictures of my kids. :) That dolphin I got from one of my friends a few years ago for Christmas. I love my shelf.

A close up of my earrings (I have more, these are just my favorites!) Some lotions, self tanner, just a bunch of fun shit. lol

A lot of my good lip glosses.  There are about 30 in that little holder. lol I'm a lip gloss addict!!  I also have my  nostalgic Jean Nate.  It's a flashback to my childhood :)

More lipglosses in there, some hair stuff, some makeup stuff. Just a bunch of random shit thrown in here. lol  This wicker cabinet is going to be moved to the bathroom and I'm going to be putting up a new cabinet here. :)

I got this wicker cabinet from a garage sale too for $1. lol I go for the bargains.  It has most of my bath and body works and victoria secret stuff here. My fax machine (that I don't use anymore) is next to it.)

My makeup box.  The left side is mostly my foundations, concealers, powders and some blush the bottom I have a lot of my eye liners and mascaras and to the right I have most of my eyeshadows that I use often,  My brushes are under all of that in a case.  I have a lot more than just that.

My desk (that I also got at a garage sale for $5) with tons of stuff on it.  On the left is my CD tower that's blacklight.  I had it since I was in college.  I don't have CDs for it anymore, but I just put it on at night sometimes. :)  Those speakers are for my iPod.  My Mac Mini is under the shelf.  I use it occasionally, usually fo work.  That phone doesn't work anymore either. lol  My daughter's Nintendo DS is up on my monitor stand. (Which is actually a dish rack lol)

Just a shelf with a bunch of different shit on it.  Actually, this shelf is hanging by a thread. LOL I bought it from Urban Outfitters and love that it has a cork board on it.

I got those two pictures (the one above the door and the lingerie one on the side) from garage sales.  Cheap o! LOL  Those are most of my scarves and some purses.  I have more purses in my closet! 

My headboard.  It's actually 3 levels of cubicles and the top "hutch".  I just put my bed against it.  I use the cubes on the bottom for storage and the ones by my pillows I have some DVDs and books, cords to my computers/phone and a bunch of random stuff.  The above shelves have my latop, journal, some notecards, coupons, address book, some mail & bills I have to pay.  Then I have my stereo on top of that.  The side "table" has my clock, favorite lotion, candles, pictures, my phones and remotes. :)

I call this my "Broadway Shelf".  I got the shelf from a garage sale too. LOL  It has some of my favorite playbills (I have so much more!)  Spamalot, Next To Normal, Shrek, 9 to 5, Mama Mia, Bye Bye Birdie, In The Heights, Les Miserables and Wicked. I have my Hard Rock Manhattan margarita glass up there.  Some memoribilia from different shows, pictures, and a bunch of tea light holders from garage sales.  I love this shelf. :)

A hanger with most of my sunglasses on there.  The first 5 are coach sunglasses, the rest are coach imitations and cheaper ones. lol My fingerless gloves are peeking in on the right!

Close up of my stereo and shit. lol

Close up of some of my DVDs and my shelves.  My daughter drew that smiley face on the door. LOL Thank God it's a dry erase marker. I just have to wash it off. lol I think it's cute.

That's it for now!!  This is how a single mom bachelorette lives. :D

Feb 19, 2007

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Jan 29, 2007

About Me

Who the hell am I?  I think that's a question that I am still trying to answer!  I have been blogging since 1999 and through all of that I really have found out a lot about who I am.  I do regret that I can't dig up past archives of my old free sites and domains because I am sure 24 year old me could have a great laugh at the younger more immature version of myself.  

I had many sites since 1999 and went through many phases of the wonderful "blogging" scene.  I went through (and survived) the "CamGirl" fad and unfortunately to say, I was one of those people who was very overly obsessed with taking pictures of anything and everything that I bought, ate, my animals... (Wow, am I glad THAT is over!)  Now-a-days, if you say "CamGirl" it doesn't mean what it used to.  It used to be innocent girls who were just obsesed with taking pictures of themselves and anything that could fit in front of a webcam.  If you google it now... well, you get the picture.  It was completely innocent back then!  (Honest!!)  

Wanting to be a writer growing up, I feel that this is a pretty good medium between being able to express my creativity through different ways (digital art, design, writing, etc...) as well as sharing experiences, mistakes, stupidity and reviews with everyone out there.  I feel that if someone can learn something from anything I post, I feel like I have succeeded just a little bit. :)
I am a single mom of 2 girls.  I was engaged to my first real love, but that relationship ended in heartbreak. (And my oldest!)  Alayna is a beautiful, talented, funny and smart 4 year old who was born at 35 weeks.  She was a 8lb 7oz preemie. (No joke!!)  I had a lot of medical complications that contributed to her high weight and my preterm labor.  She was in the hospital for a month due to feeding problems and the only thing I remember about that month was crying non stop.  I remember feeding her through a gastro tube, I remember talks of surgeries, I remember the one step forward three steps back... We conquered it and she is now the best little girl anyone could ever want and I love her more than I thought I could love anyone.  She is my best friend.

Olivia is a 2 year old spunky, smart, overly adorable, beautiful and funny girl.  She was born almost full term at 39 weeks and just a few days.  She was born a few days before Christmas and was a scheduled induction because I was due ON Christmas.  lol  My doctor was going out of town for the Holidays and wanted to deliver Olivia herself.  She loves her big sister and wants to be just like her.  Follows her around, and is her partner in crime. :)
 My girls are my life.

As every mother does, sometimes I need a break.  When that moment comes, I love to go out with my friends.  We go to NYC often just because it is close.  We live 20 minutes outside of the city and love to just walk around, go shopping and go to shows.  I'm a complete theater junkie and have been all my life.  My favorite shows have been; Les Miserables, Rent, Spamalot and Next To Normal.  I will go see any show, though.  I will see anything at least once.  Truth being, you never know if the show will spark your interest, even if it doesn't from first glance. :)
I am an artist.  I attended art school on a scholarship and loved it there.  Everyone was on the same wavelength as I was.  It reaffirmed my belief that artists have a completely different mind and way of thinking than other people.  I loved the fact that I was able to relate to a lot of my classmates and loved even more that I could wake up every morning and do what I love.  I majored in 2D Fine Arts and minored in Photography.  
Since college, I have been through some different jobs.  Mostly retail since I wanted to be home with my kids.  I am also a certified tax preparer and worked at H&R Block for two years.  Currently, I am a jewelry designer, freelance artist & mural artist, mystery shopper and blogger.  (I get paid for everything but blogging. LOL)  I own my own business, which is currently on hiatus, and love the fact that I can be creative and make (somewhat) of a living.  My ultimate dream is to someday open a brick and mortar store with my jewelry and other local artisan jewelry as well. :)  
Why do I blog?  I blog mostly because I have a lot to say.  I like to talk about my kids, I like to talk about my day and I love to talk about exciting things that may have happened.  I'm very opinionated and sometimes that can be a good thing.  I love to share new products that I have tried and love.  I believe that hearing real reviews from real people and real moms really do help in making  decisions.  I know for me that is true!!  I just love feeling like I have a say in things. :)  

I am a proud adoptee & I support adoption.