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Jan 27, 2009

Valentines Day items.

I got a lot done tonight! After the kids went to bed, I went into the kitchen with the boxes of Valentines Day things and got a heck of a lot done. I finished 3 sets of mini cards, two regular standard sized cards, a picture frame and a mirror as well as two picture clip holders. They still need some touch ups, so I am not posting them as of yet, but I am very pleased with what I see, so far!

My mom and I have been not agreeing so much on THREEseventeen. I know she just wants the best for me, but she doesn't have much hope that I will succeed at this. I know I will. I have the faith. It is just that my mom has seen me try and fail so many times. She doesn't want me to put my money into something that won't succeed. I understand her fears, but I also know that this time I won't give up. I have given up so many times in the past, that I just can't give up again. I am putting my passion, my time and my love into this, at the moment. I would love for it to become my sole source of income and I do believe that if I keep up at this, maybe it can be! I just know I have to expand my inventory, work harder and come up with great and interesting ideas. I believe that I have a few now to begin with! I will do this. I will succeed. I will make my first sale on Etsy and feel that sense of pride. I am very excited.

Jan 21, 2009

Ring Mandrels and cards!

I finally received my two new ring mandrels that I got from Finding King! I got 2 of them for such a great low price, it was crazy! I'm so excited that I can go ahead and start making rings again and sizing them properly! My old ring mandrel got so messed up when my daughter knocked it over and my dog got a hold of it. *ahem = this is why I need to clean my studio and actually use it* But I am happy that my new ones finally came, and now I have an extra just in case! :) I just really need to clean my studio and actually start using it so that I can organize everything. (I need Clean House)

I did more with my Valentines Day cards today. I got one partially finished. I have to let it dry and I have to get a thin sharpie to go over the quote outline inside. It's very simple but still stylish. I really like it and really can't wait to put it in the shop. I also have visions of other ideas for Valentines Day cards that I am going to start soon. (Tonight or tomorrow.)

I am watching Peter Perfect, right now. I sometimes like the show, it's interesting to see how they makeover shops and very interesting to see how that creative change is what really catches the customer's attention. I think it also relates to online stores and their design very much; but I digress... Today, the episode is about a family who runs an art shop/studio. That caught my attention because I am a former art student and an artist who loves all mediums and all forms of art. It was always my dream to start an art studio and teach art classes, so this is so interesting to me. What Peter felt when he painted for the first time in this episode is what I wish everyone could feel. It's what I've learned is one of the most amazing feelings ever. Feeling in control, feeling creative, being in your own little "creative zone" and thoughts, ideas, etc... just coming to your mind. It's such a great calm and such a great feeling! I really can't wait to see how this studio turns out.

I also heard of this really cool idea from another blog, I can't remember which one, unfortunately. However, it pays you to use Twitter and to "Tweet" certain adds. I've come to see that a lot of them are fun adds, like Etsy shops or other independent shops and definitely blogs. I've found some great blogs and some great Etsy stores from reading the advertisements! It's not a great income, but probably about $30 extra a month at the least. (If you use Twitter often!) I really like it. It's some extra pocket change, that's for sure! It gives you control of how often you want to "Tweet" adds and it doesn't even make it seem like it is actualy an add. It makes it seem like it is a cool site that you found. :) It lets you approve or deny any advertisements that you want or don't want. If you want to learn more about this really cool site, you can click on the image next to the text or you can click on this link. It's worth a try, right? :)

Jan 18, 2009

Valentines Day Cards, coming up!

Valentines Day cards coming soon!

After a very long day, last night I took a trip to Michaels when I went to return a movie. I had to get some extra things so I could finish up the Valentines Day cards I have been working on. I really want to get them on Etsy either tomorrow or Tuesday. (Wednesday at the latest with everything going on!) I really hope they'll be good enough for THREEseventeen! I'm trying my hardest to really branch out, or planning on branching out!

I'm going to try to get my mom to get out the digital sewing machine that I bought at a garage sale last summer. I don't even if we know where it is, but I really want to starton some pillows and pouches, I found a crapload of fabric in my 'odds and ends' basket. Maybe I'll just have to start a separate Etsy store for everything else, who knows. I'll see what I can do. I want everything to look great. I really want this business to become successful for me.

This is an awesome giveaway from iTunes is so popular and I would love to win something like this! :)

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Jan 16, 2009

Keep your eyes glued on our blog & Etsy page!


I don't know the specifics, but a giveaway will be announced very soon! I will post it here and on my Etsy page simultaneously as well as advertising my giveaway on the Etsy forums! Keep your eyes peeled!

Until that's announced....
THREEseventeen WINTER SALE 30% off plus 20% off for VALENTINES DAY SALE!!

Jan 15, 2009

Added a lot more items today!

I haven't been able to blog in a few weeks because I'm pressed for time, lately. I've been working on the shop a lot; well, items for the shop. Jewelry making seems to soothe me lately, especially with the stress going on in my family. (read about that at my domain here) I've been back and forth tot he hospital, making jewelry, spending time with my has me completely spent at the end of the day! I want to blog more about projects that are ongoing, but I hadn't had time to!! Go on over and check out the new items I have at my shop! VALENTINES DAY SALE & WINTER SALE going on right now. Combined shipping discounts, as always! New items will be coming into the shop in coming days as well. I am going to add some Valentines Day cards that I have been working on as soon as I can get to Michaels to get the finishing touches! (Hopefully tomorrow!)

Thanks, everyone!