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Nov 9, 2012

Halloween and Hurricane Sandy

Monday October 29th was a scary day for most of the east coast, especially for those in New York and New Jersey.  Like most people, I thought the news stations were over hyping this hurricane.  I was sure the storm was going to be a mild one with just some rain and maybe higher than normal wind.  Boy was I wrong.  Monday morning came with high winds early in the day and some rain.  By the late afternoon the winds were starting to shake our windows and make us worry about the large tree in our yard.  We all kept our eyes glued to the TV to stay updated on the hurricanes progress.  When we saw what was going non down the Jersey Shore, we knew we had to be prepared for the worst.

Nov 7, 2012

Stop Calling Me!

I don't know where these people get my cell phone number.  For the past few months I have been getting calls from foreigners that want to "give me a loan".  They're always from the most absurdly named "loan" companies too.  The one today was "Loan For You" (Or maybe even "Loan 4 U. lol)  The funny part is?  I never applied for a loan and I wouldn't apply for a loan because I know my credit is challenged at this point in time.  I also know that these people are complete scam artists.