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Nov 30, 2009

Cyber Monday has arrived!!

Cyber Monday is here and our sale is still in full force!!
:) So check us out at Designs by Krissy and Oh My Cupcake and get your Christmas shopping done!
We added two new items today. Our Pure Gemstone necklace made with beautiful gemstones and vintage findings, cones, and pendant. We also added our Calme Bleu necklace that is a gold plated resin pendant and antique copper chain. Two GORGEOUS pieces!

I hope that everyone's weekend went well! Ours was very busy. I had to keep up with orders from Oh My Cupcake, which is so great! I love keeping up with all of the orders! It makes me feel like my business is going somewhere. I also did some shopping. I was one of the crazy shoppers out at Toys R Us, Old Navy, Target, Kohls and so on starting at 11pm on Thanksgiving night! I got home at 8 am on Friday. I had a great time shopping through the night into the wee hours of the morning. It was calming, even though the shopping scene was nuts. :) Tomorrow, I get to start my PT job at Sephora and I am very excited for that. I can't wait to get out, socialize with adults and work work work! I have always loved work, and this is no exception. Plus...Sephora...a dream come true!!

Have a great night, and don't forget about our GIVEAWAY! (Read down!)

Nov 29, 2009

Things have been pretty hard with family, my mom's best friend being very sick and just life and my kids. I haven't gotten a chance to write as much as I wanted to and I wanted to keep everyone updated. I'm going to re-start listing today. I also start my seasonal job tomorrow at Sephora, so I will be posting and relisting between all of that. I'm still determined. :) This is my one primary love.

Remember, our Black Friday weekend sale is still going on until tomorrow at midnight. :)

Nov 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We're having a Thanksgiving sale at OhMyCupcake. By One Get One FREE on our bars of soap. INCLUDING our "Where is my teeth?" denture soaps! (They are very popular and also featured in a GIFT GUIDE!!)

We also are still having our BOGO sale at ThreeSeventeen too!! Our sale is on our Holiday earrings as well as our pierced post earrings.


We finally have our Black Friday sale details all ready to be revealed!

  • BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on our pierced post earrings
  • BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on our Christmas earrings
  • BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF of our other items
  • $5 OFF OF A $25 PURCHASE // $10 OFF A $45 PURCHASE // $20 OFF OF A $85 PURCHASE
I know that is a lot to handle, but it's Black Friday! I think our sale is one of the best and it runs through Cyber Monday at MIDNIGHT. It's really a BLACK WEEKEND sale! :D This offer is good for THREEseventeen as well as OhMyCupcake!

Stop by during Thanksgiving weekend and shop! Get all of your Christmas presents in one place!

Nov 23, 2009



We have a growing variety of new earrings that are so very cute & adorable!! We are having a giveaway for YOUR CHOICE of earring. You can choose ANY of our pierced post or Christmas dangle earrings priced $4.99-$9.99. :) Check out our EARRING section for some of the great varieties! (We will be posting more within the next few days.)

You will also receive:
  • Your choice of either pierced post earring or Christmas dangle earrings
  • $5 gift certificate to either of our 3 shops
  • Choice of one 4-5oz soap from our bath and body shop
We may be adding to the list of what the winner receives in the next few days, but we hope you enjoy this giveaway! The rules for this are much simpler than the other.

  • Become a follower of our blog - 1 Entry
  • Become a fan of our facebook - 1 Entry
  • Tweet one of our items (tagging us in some way that we see) - 2 Entry
  • Comment on this post and let us know what you have done. - 1 Entry
Winners will be drawn on Saturday December 5, 2009

First of all, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who is a new follower to my blog, Facebook, Twitter and who signed up for our mailing list. You guys are awesome. I would also like to thank everyone who has made a purchase from our shops. This Holiday season is going great for us and we really hope that every one of you who purchased (or won a giveaway!) enjoys our items & products. We work very hard to get these great quality jewelry pieces, bath and body products and yummy baked goods to you. We're a little backlogged right now, so shipping can take up to 7 business days from time of purchase. I have gotten some help and we're working quickly to ensure that your packages arrive in a timely manner! We were NOT expecting this much during the Holidays, but we were prepared just in case. Thanks to all of you!!

We are going to be posting a brand new Giveaway tomorrow and we're excited about that. In addition, we are also thinking about our Black Friday sale that we will be having the day after Thanksgiving. We're weighing different options, seeing which will be the best for our shops.

We also still have our Pre-Thanksgiving sale going on. You can visit THREESEVENTEEN to learn more about that!

Keep checking back for our new giveaways (weekly) as well as more details on our Black Friday sale. We will have those details all hammered out by Tuesday and will be posting them then as well!

Nov 21, 2009



Congratulations!! We will be contacting you (or you can contact us at with your preferences for the prize. :)

We will be posting another giveaway on MONDAY MORNING!!!

I definitely have to say that the Imagination Movers put on the BEST concert for kids. Anyone that can hold a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old's attention for an hour and a half STRAIGHT is just amazing and deserves all of the credit that they get. I took my oldest last year to the concert as well and this afternoon, I took my 2 year old as well. (My mom joined us too!)

If you have a daughter or son who LOVES Imagination Movers, I would definitely suggest taking them to a show. It is a great afternoon for you and your children, I had the BEST time and so did they. The guys really interact with the audience. We had front row seats and Rich and Dave constantly came into the audience. My 4 year old was just beaming when Rich (her favorite) came over to her and shook her hand and when Dave asked her what her favorite fruit was. :) My 2 year old was just star struck, smiling and staring when they shook her hand. They really kept the kids going, dancing, singing, etc... Great show.

I posted some great new items tonight, but after the day I had, I am too exhausted to write too much more. *snore* :p Tomorrow I have to finish up getting my orders out and finishing up some new items that I want to add to the shop.


Nov 20, 2009



To kick off the Thanksgiving week, we're having a PRE THANKSGIVING SALE!!!

BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on ALL of our pierced post earrings (Christmas and regular) as well as our Autumn Day and Stormy Day rings!!

Spend over $30 and get $5 off!!


SALE ENDS 11/23/09

Nov 16, 2009

*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY FOR WEEK OF 11/16 - Your choice of color


This giveaway is currently closed. Winner will be announced Saturday November 21st!

I have decided that each week I am going to do a givaway. It will run from Monday - Friday and the winners will be picked on Saturday. Mondays, there will be a new giveaway posted!


  • You will receive one of our rings from our Weather & Emotion collection! Our rings come in slate gray, amber, purple, red, blue, green and pink. You can pick the color that YOU prefer! The ring will either come on a silver, gunmetal silver, gold or copper ring shank which is also your choice!
  • You will also receive a $5 gift certificate to our shop that you can either use in Oh My Cupcake or Three Seventeen. The $5 gift certificate can be used towards partial purchase or the entire purchase. (Or if you're from Artfire, it will be to my Artfire shop.)
  • In addition, you will also receive a bar of soap from Oh My Cupcake of YOUR choosing! Any scent you would like! (If you're from Artfire, the same scents are in my Artfire shop.)


Of course, we will throw some freebie goodies inside as well! The giveaway ends Friday, November 20th and the winner will be announced on Saturday, November 21st. The winner will be picked randomly from

What do I have to do?

There are different things that will get you one entry or multiple entries into our giveaway. Here is what you can do. You can do one or all:

1 Entry - Follow our blog by clicking the "Follow" link under the "Followers" category on the left side of our blog.

1 Entry - Under the "Join our mailing list" category on the left side, join our mailing list. We do not spam your mailbox, however we do send one newsletter every month about new items we have. In that e-mail, you also get special offers, special giveaways, offers for special sample packs of our soaps/bath products and so much more. Around Holidays you will get an e-mail with a special offer as well.

2 Entry - Look at our shop(s) and let us know what your favorite item is. Comment on our blog (at the bottom of this entry) with your favorite item. You can use Oh My Cupcake, ThreeSeventeen or Sugardust Confections. (If you are coming from Artfire, here is our Artfire link.)

1 Entry - Follow us on twitter (here is our link) and comment here with your Twitter user name.

1 Entry - Fan us on Facebook (here is our link) and comment on our "Giveaway" post on Facebook to let us know you fanned us.

2 Entries - Tweet your favorite item from our shop. You can leave a comment here with the link to your tweet or @threeseventeen in your tweet so we can see that you did tweet it!

15 Entries - (Your best chance to win) If you make a purchase from any of our shops you automatically have 15 entries to our giveaway. If you mention this giveaway in the "Notes to seller" section on Etsy or on Artfire enter the code GIVE1, you will receive 10% off! You can purchase from either of our shops on Etsy (
Oh My Cupcake, ThreeSeventeen or Sugardust Confections) or Artfire.

If you do all of these steps, you can have 21 entries and that would give you a great chance to win!!

Good luck!

Nov 13, 2009

I guess sometimes dieting for as long as I have kicks your metabolism back into action. My eating habits, for the past week, have been somewhat here and there and I have had food like cheeseburger or pizza... I dreaded weighing myself to see the damage I had done, but I actually was the same weight. That makes me very happy because I thought my stress eating would have really gotten me into trouble. :) Of course, I won't get back into that terrible habit. Tonight was my last night of eating terribly and tomorrow I'm back on the straight and narrow. I have a lot of weight to lose and I really have to get to that weight within a decent amount of time.

I got some new items listed today. :) First of all, I have the amazingly tasty Mexican Wedding Cakes/Snowball Cookies that I listed on Sugardust. Absolutely DELICIOUS!! They're freshly made to order and coated in a hand made vanilla powdered sugar. The inside of these cookies are mouth watering and melts right in your mouth. They're great for company. Right now, we only have our samplers listed, but we will be adding larger quantities. For now, if you need larger quantities please convo us and ask. We can work something out! You really have to try these delicious cookies! I also got the Magenta Rhinestone Flower earrings and Sparkle Apple earrings posted. They're both so adorable and will definitely turn heads. Sometimes I love simple post earrings because they're just so simple and beautiful. They are very versatile and I love jewelry that I can easily dress up or dress down. :) Check them out!

Nov 10, 2009

Crankin' out new items like a factory! lol

I'm still doing good getting new items posted! I posted two new soaps tonight Shea Butter Decorative 3 Oz Angel Soaps (You get 4 in this pack) and the Vanilla Frosted Cranberry soap! (4oz). I love those two!! The angel soaps are GREAT when you're having company for the Holidays! Just display them in your bathroom on a beautiful soap plate or basket ready for your company! The Vanilla Frosted Cranberry is a great fragrance. It is a very overlooked scent at the Holidays. The Frosted Cranberry is a warm but slightly fruity scent. It's not overpowering but not a lame scent either. The Vanilla mixed with the Frosted Cranberry gives it a slight spice. Its a yummy scent that is so different from the ordinary pine and pine scents of the Holidays.

I also added some great jewelry items such as the Words of Wisdom Silver Plate & Crystal Earrings, Crystal, Moss Agate and Amber Carved Stone earrings, and Tea Party Tea Biscuit Earrings. They're all gorgeous and come in beautiful gift boxes with decorative bows. Our shops also gift wrap for the Holidays so feel free to ask if you are interested in that along with one of your items! :) I feel that my pierced post earrings really are great priced in that they can be stocking stuffers. They are priced from $5.99 - $8.99 and are packaged in small gift boxes with thin ribbon. They would be great as little stocking stuffers. ANY OF MY PIERCED POST EARRINGS CAN BE MADE INTO CLIP EARRINGS FREE OF CHARGE!! They are also child safe. :)

Nov 9, 2009

Very productive!

Surprisingly, my day has been very productive. I got two listings done this morning of my "Tea Party" collection. I actually have four products in all of that collection, but I only got two posted. I also got quite a few rings and earrings made tonight. As well as some hair pins! However, I'm conflicted whether or not I should put these items in DesignsByKrissy/ThreeSeventeen or OhMyCupcake...

I would think that OhMyCupcake would fit these better since they're "cutesy" items, but maybe I'll just put them in Designs By Krissy and see how the views do. If they don't do too well, I'll try to x-fer them to OMC.

These are some of the new items...

I really am proud of the progress I have made tonight and hopefully can continue to make that progress tomorrow! I have plans to make a few necklaces tomorrow. I need to keep going with this before the Holidays. I want my customers to make sure they have enough to choose from!

Nov 8, 2009

So much for blogging daily. LOL I have been very busy this week. One of our neighbors, who is good friends with my mom, went in for routine surgery and ended up in the ICU due to many more serious problems. My family and I have been doing what we can to bring her daughter some things to help out and babysitting her grandson while her daughter is at the hospital. It has been pretty hectic, but I need to get back into productive mode.

I finished 10 pairs of earrings tonight! They are more "cute" earrings than anything else as well as finishing a custom order that is way overdue! (Not that much overdue, but I hate anything being too late.) I have another custom order to work on tonight, plus one custom order that is coming in. (A fine art order. Oy!) I also had an order on Artfire today! Good God I've been busy! :D (Busy is good in this business!)

Right now my kids are coloring pictures while I work on my pictures of my items and stuff. At least I'm being productive now!

Though I have to make 8pm....

Nov 2, 2009

New New New, but not an item!

I changed the look of my blog because firstly, it's past Halloween and secondly, I wanted something new until mid November when I'll put up Thanksgiving designs. :) I love having new looks to my blog! I always have! I think this really fits my personality as being fun, eclectic, elegant.

This afternoon at 2 was my Sephora interview. It seemed to go very well, I hope I actually get the job! She seemed to really like the fact that I am an artist & jewelry designer and seemed to really be interested. I could use the two seasonal jobs. Hopefully, afterwards one of the stores would want to keep me permanently. At least until my dreams actually come true and I am able to fully support my family off of my jewelry/soaps/art. [Which WILL happen!]

Verizon is really driving me insane. I have a Blackberry Storm and I was excited to upgrade to the new verzion 5.0 operating system. It worked for a while and then everything started to go crazy. My Facebook application disappeared and then my Blackberry started freezing. I ended up reloading everything when I got home, just overwriting everything, and when I turned the phone back on, EVERYTHING was wiped off the phone. I spent most of last night restoring my phone back so I could actually have my contacts back on. I went to the Verizon store today and after a tech told me he had never seen someone's Blackberry screwed up because of the new operating system, he then told me I have to completely wipe the phone and restore from my PC not Mac. He said my Mac could be why my phone got screwed up. Apparently, the Blackberry Desktop software for Mac is very new and has a lot of glitches. Well, they could have said that in the first place.

Rhinestone Cluster Acrylic Rosette Necklace

22.5 inches long

Check out our Rhinestone Cluster Acrylic Rosette Necklace! This necklace is stunningly beautiful! The focal point is this gorgeous ornate filigree base with 6 beautiful black and clear rhinestones set upon the filigree. It is bordered in tiny little hearts. (measures 1 inch) The pendant is hypoallergenic and will not irritate skin. Nickel free! Along the silver chain, that is also nickel free and hypoallergenic, you find 10 acrylic rosettes. (Measure less than an inch.) You have to check this beauty out!!

Makes a great gift and comes in a beautiful gift box. We gift wrap for the holidays FREE OF CHARGE!