Nov 9, 2009

Very productive!

Surprisingly, my day has been very productive. I got two listings done this morning of my "Tea Party" collection. I actually have four products in all of that collection, but I only got two posted. I also got quite a few rings and earrings made tonight. As well as some hair pins! However, I'm conflicted whether or not I should put these items in DesignsByKrissy/ThreeSeventeen or OhMyCupcake...

I would think that OhMyCupcake would fit these better since they're "cutesy" items, but maybe I'll just put them in Designs By Krissy and see how the views do. If they don't do too well, I'll try to x-fer them to OMC.

These are some of the new items...

I really am proud of the progress I have made tonight and hopefully can continue to make that progress tomorrow! I have plans to make a few necklaces tomorrow. I need to keep going with this before the Holidays. I want my customers to make sure they have enough to choose from!