Nov 8, 2009

So much for blogging daily. LOL I have been very busy this week. One of our neighbors, who is good friends with my mom, went in for routine surgery and ended up in the ICU due to many more serious problems. My family and I have been doing what we can to bring her daughter some things to help out and babysitting her grandson while her daughter is at the hospital. It has been pretty hectic, but I need to get back into productive mode.

I finished 10 pairs of earrings tonight! They are more "cute" earrings than anything else as well as finishing a custom order that is way overdue! (Not that much overdue, but I hate anything being too late.) I have another custom order to work on tonight, plus one custom order that is coming in. (A fine art order. Oy!) I also had an order on Artfire today! Good God I've been busy! :D (Busy is good in this business!)

Right now my kids are coloring pictures while I work on my pictures of my items and stuff. At least I'm being productive now!

Though I have to make 8pm....