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Aug 31, 2012

Surviving Vacations with your Little Ones

Since we are on a budget we couldn't do too much this summer but we did go on one trip with my beautiful girls.  We decided to go to a waterpark down the Jersey shore.  It was a small waterpark but so much fun for the kids.  Now that the girls are older and very into vacations, I was only half prepared for the fun ("fun") we had.  Since this experience, I now know more and would like to share my lessons that I have learned.

Pack Snacks and Activities - Even though our drive wasn't too long (only and hour and a half) I had some activities packed to keep the kids busy during the drive.  One thing I've learned is that kids are impatient and the words "Are we there yet?" after the first two times get quite annoying.  I brought along my iPad with plenty of games for my kids and also through my daughter's iPod in there as well. (Along with a pair of ear buds.  As much as I love Angry Birds, the music can grind on your nerves!)