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Feb 28, 2009

Accepting credit cards at craft shows.

I got a call from Merchant Warehouse accepting credit cards at craft shows. What they suggested was a $119 machine that accepts credit cards wirelessly with just an electricity source. (Which is great for the shows!) So I gave them an application and I have to fax papers back, I'm going to pay for the machine on Tuesday when I get paid, and then I'm good to go! They'll send me the machine within 6 days and I can start accepting credit cards immediately at the next show I'm going to do! (Which is going to be in April, where I'll need one of these machines. The one in March they have everything covered for us!) My mom and I agreed that this is a good investment for our business!! I'm excited.

Going to be starting two more Etsy shops.

I'm going to be starting two more. One for kids. I made homemade play doh for my daughter the other day with natural items, and she LOVES it! I'm going to be making this, putting it in pretty containers and selling it as well! I have some ideas for names with "Dough" in it, but I also want to sell some other things for kids as well, so I won't completely single myself out to just selling Play Doh! lol

I'm also going to re purpose some purses I have sitting around and I'm going to make a purse shop. :) I also want to start a card shop, fine arts shop, but for now I just want to have two more! LOL! Less confusion!!

Feb 24, 2009

So many new things to tell!

Our first craft show may be on March 23rd, and I am very excited. It's a juried show, so we had to send in pictures of our items along with the application. It's at a small place in Jersey City, NJ and is a "hip" show. I'm really hoping to make some more products before then so that we can show there! I'm excited.

My mom and I took a trip for some supplies today. We came up with a lot of things. We also decided to invest in a silk screen machine. Just so we can actually make some more products! I've had some T-Shirt designs on my computer for years, and now I can actually make them come to "life". :)

I'm adding some more Touch of Spring products to the site tonight. :)

Feb 22, 2009

Business partner!

I would love to welcome my mom, Donna, as my new business partner! She is going to incorporate her own crafts into THREEseventeen. My mom was a pre school art coordinator for 8 years and also sold at craft fairs when I was a baby. She stopped to raise me, but has always had the craftiness in her. She expressed her interest in collaborating with me and joining my team and I said yes! Together we are planning craft shows to vendor at, new ideas for the store and where to advertise! After 7 years of taking care of my grandparents full time, she is moving on after their death to do more with her life. Welcome mom! :)

Feb 21, 2009

Items coming tomorrow!


I think I would rather add them in the morning when I would be able to have some exposure on the items that I am adding. I can't wait to, though! I took photos of my Taste Of Spring collection and can't wait to add the pieces! I think they're absolutely beautiful!

Horray! THREEseventeen has finished an interview with A Scrappy Design that will be featured in an upcoming blog, so that is completely awesome! Thank you for that interview! Exposure is amazing and any exposure makes me happy!

Feb 20, 2009


A sneak preview of what I will be adding soon. I've worked on these for quite a while and I really love them. I will be adding more colors as well, but for now this is what I have. They started off as experimental pieces, but I love them so much I'm going to add them. They're hair pins with fabric flowers. Some are larger and more robust and some are smaller and more delicate. I got the inspiration from Clean House. Silly, but Neicy Nash always has the most beautiful hair flowers and I wanted to try to make my own version. I've succeeded and I love them! I'm definitely in love with this new item! I'm also going to be adding some cards soon too. I'm just trying to decide, with the cards, if I add them blank and offer free personalization or free customization with whatever the customer wants on the cards. That's probably a best bet! I'm very excited to share my new creations with my Etsy customers!

Feb 19, 2009

New look to the page!

I know it isn't perfect, but it's better than what I had! This will just be temporary until I can take the time to actually make a really nice blogspot layout. I need time to do that! Between working, taking care of my kids, taking them to school and activities and working on new items for my shop, that may be a month or two! I already put my other site on hiatus because of all of this! lol

New items coming tonight!

Feb 18, 2009


I made my FIRST etsy sale the other day and I was so excited. I got to finally use my business cards and send it out. I was so excited. I hope this is the first of many Etsy sales. I dream of this business succeeding for me. I want to start a 2nd store with items that are of paper products (like cards and stationary) but it's going to be more time! I think I can do it.

My dream is to get my studio cleaned out and everything moved into there so I can actually do work in there and actually work instead of just mess around in the living room or dining room with my stuff. Not having a specific place to work really makes me just unmotivated. :( I really wish I could sell some too. *sigh*

More items are coming soon! Everything just has been so hectic lately.

Feb 11, 2009

I feel liek a failure.

I probably won't have my Valentine's Day cards done in time. I've been working on them and have a few done, I'll put them up, but I've had so much going on with the kids and their activities and no motivation that I just haven't been able to finish them all. I'm going to post the ones that I do have done, but I really wish I had more. I'm going to start further in advance, next time. I feel like a failure.

Keep tuned!