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Jul 27, 2011

My little Fashionista

My daughter is 5 and a half going on 16. She is a mini fashionista, but she definitely takes after her mommy! She gets my sense of style and love of fashion. My little princess loves dresses, skirts, purses, shoes and just anything cute or fashionable. She loves pink and purple and anything with sparkle or bling!  I absolutely love to go shopping with her because she enjoys it!  Olivia  has her own little style too, but she isn't heavy into fashion and shopping as Alayna is.  Alayna loves to go to the mall, try on clothes and find out what fits and works for her!  Hopefully Olivia will grow into that phase when she gets older.  Id love to go shopping with both of my girls someday!

Even though she has to wear a uniform to school, she can't wait to give her uniform her own twist of style this year! She has already scouted out some cute skirts at where else? JC Penney, of course! She wants to add her "Alayna style" to her kindergarten "big girl" clothes this year!  My daughter is fashionable, yet unique.  She doesn't want to follow everyone else's style, she wants to make her own style and have others follow her own trend.  She always wants to be a leader, not a follower!

As of now, Alayna loves to wear the long tunic tops with leggings, denim skirts with leggings and a shirt or a trendy and cute summery dress.  She always has to have the cutest navy blue skirts for her uniform as well.  Her favorite shoes are her black patent heels (small heel!) but they’re trendy heels!  She would wear anything that she would think is cute and adorable. 

My 5 year old is much more mature and much more fashionable than her age.  While most girls her age want to wear cute dresses that make them look like babydolls, my Alayna wants to wear the trendy dresses and skirts!  Even though she wants to be trendy, she also knows the limits and would never try to dress inappropriately for her age.  I taught her well enough in that aspect!  She is the most popular girl in her class and she loves the attention and comments on her clothes and her accessories! I live vicariously through her, since I was never popular. It's a fun ride for the both of us fashionistas!

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Is banning children considered discrimination?

Banning children from public places such as restaurants, planes, certain stores and so on has been making headlines lately.  North Carolina restaurant Olde Salty was the first to start in the trend by posting a sign stating, “Screaming children will not be tolerated.”  A Pittsburgh area restaurant McDain’s took it a step further and actually banned children under 6 from their restaurant.  It doesn’t stop with those two, Malaysia airlines actually banned infants from many of their cabins and other public places are beginning to follow suit.  Is this fair or is this discrimination?

Jul 23, 2011

Looking for low cost phone service? Tracphone is your go-to Pay As You Go plan!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone. All opinions are 100% mine.

In the summer, there is also a need for young teens to have a cell phone.  Most parents are worried about getting contract phones because of the high bills and high rate of text messages sent.  These bills can skyrocket with young teens who don't understand the relationship between texting and overages.  This can be prevented by using a prepaid Tracphone.  Tracphone offers the least expensive way to own a cell phone in the United States.  There are no monthly fees, no credit checks and no cancelation fees.  There are no surprises with a prepaid phone service at all! The coverage is absolutely great and the coverage area is very widespread throughout the entire US. You can even purchase a smartphone with Tracphone service! The best part is, the service is Pay As You Go.  This means you can purchase the Tracphone cards at any retailer wherever you are!

Why was I watching 16 and Pregnant?! lol

I don't know why, but one night when I was bored I started watching 16 and Pregnant.  All of their labors seem to last under 6 hours, which is completely unfair! Ha!  I was in labor with Alayna for 14 and a half hours and only 7 with Olivia.  (Which I think is normal for second labors.)  It's just so nostalgic watching that, because I remember what I went through with my girls.  My pregnancy with Alayna was the worst, I gained 75lbs, I was diabetic, I was pre-eclampsic and had hypertension.  I was in the hospital more than I was out of the hospital with my first pregnancy.  The night I had Alayna I went into the hospital because I thought my water had broke, it didn't; but I was leaking fluid.  They were going to try to keep me on bedrest until I was a little farther along but my blood pressure was record high and they decided to induce early instead of risking my having a seizure because of the high blood pressure.  I remember how horrible it was since I also was GBS positive.  I had to be put on several different IVs, pitocin, something for the GBS (I know it wasn't amoxicillin since I'm allergic) and the worst of them all, magnesium for the pre-eclampsia.  The magnesium was the worst because of the withdrawal off of it. Horrible...  Because of the magnesium, I wasn't allowed out of bed for 48 hours.  That also meant I wasn't able to see Alayna for two days in the NICU.  :(  I also had a horrible reaction to the epidural, I believe they gave me too much... I couldn't feel anything at all below my waist.  Hardly any contractions, I actually felt like I was paralyzed.  Hey, at least I didn't feel any pain...  (Oh, did I mention my mom fainted when they administered my epidural?  Yeah, she did...

Jul 13, 2011

10 Tips to Make Your Life Easier on the Go!

Life on the go is very difficult sometimes, rather you are a busy mom always in your car or on the go on a vacation. There are so many ways to make your life and your trip easier for yourself and your family. Here are some tips that may ease the stress of being on the go or away from home.  Whether you're a business woman, a blogger, a work from home mom or just a very busy mom, there are important apps for your phone that can definitely help you out!  Every mom would love their lives to be easier, and that's what these apps do!

Jul 12, 2011

My 10 Reasons to Visit Virginia Beach

My mom, my uncle and I used to always go on vacation together for as long as I can remember, but my grandma and grandpa hardly ever went. The one vacation I remember so clearly was my mom, my uncle, me and my grandparents. They weren't really vacation people and didn't like to travel and go to beaches, but they went with us that year. We traveled to Virginia Beach. From New Jersey that is quite a trek, especially for a 8 year old. I swore the car ride seemed like it was days long and to this day, I still have no idea why my family decided to drive. From what I remember, our trip was full of memorable things such as my moms car breaking down on the way to VA Beach.  I would absolutely love to take my girls back to Virginia Beach one day, despite the long drive.  Why?

Jul 11, 2011

Which Revenue Sharing Site is Better? Triond or Factoidz? My experiment.

Recently I've written quite a few articles and did a  little experiment to see which revenue sharing site ended up bringing in more income.  I wrote an article last week about whether Factoidz or Triond is the better site to bring in an extra income as well.  (I go into more detail in that article, so if you are looking for a lot more information on which is better, check that out.)  I really wanted to start at the beginning of the month, submitting the same amount of articles to both sites and see which brings in more page views and income.  I found out that Factoidz brings in quite a bit more than Triond.  

Jul 8, 2011


After months of trying, having success and then falling back; Olivia is completely potty trained!  Olivia really started to potty train when my mom first went into the hospital.  There was so much running around, dropping the girls off at my grandma's house, my trying to work in between all this that sometimes I would forget to put enough diapers in her travel bag!  Actually, once I forgot to even give my grandma diapers I was so out of it.  Olivia realized then that she had to learn to go on the potty and she did!  It was like night and day, she didn't gradually make the transition.  I'm so proud of her for being off the diapers and off the bottle, and she is even more proud of herself.  

Jul 7, 2011

This is a post to my stalker... Scary, huh?

Dear Chicken Shit,

Didn't your mom ever say this to you; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"  Apparently not.  I also highly doubt that you were ever taught how to be a mature adult.  I'm sure I know who you are and it is sad that you have to stoop to a childish elementary school level to feel good about yourself.  You should really try some other methods to make yourself feel better, putting down someone else and trying to screw them over is really sad.  It's actually more of a sad thing that doing that makes you feel more high and mighty.  

You always wanted to be part of the in crowd and you know what?  I did at one point too.  Maybe it's just the fact that I didn't have tons of friends in High School, but I wanted to be "cool" so I could fit in.  Sad to say, that is why I hung out with you.  That is a huge regret in my life because you brought me down and you never made me feel good about myself.  You always had to prove to me that you were better and you were prettier.  That was probably another way for you to make yourself feel better.  Now I realize I don't need tons of friends and I realized the hard way that I don't need to fit into a crowd. I'm fine the way I am.  I'm a hard working woman, I'm a mother of two beautiful girls and I have three best friends who make me actually feel better about myself.  Those three friends have been with me throughout everything and throughout your 4 years of bullying.  Aren't you tired of it yet?  Shouldn't you actually grow up and start acting your age?  I think it's about damn time.  

I'm not writing this because I'm crying at your insults.  Actually, I'm laughing at them.  I think it's hilarious that after 4 years you are still at it and hilarious that you have to post anonymously on my blog, articles and so on.  What? Too afraid to say what you want to say to my face?  Grow up and get a damn life!  I actually feel bad for you, you must really feel low about yourself to have to continue to put me down.  You can't find anyone else to bully?  Probably because once, 4 years ago, I was a naive girl who just wanted a good friend.  Unfortunately, I feel prey to your manipulation and mind-f'ing.  I've grown up over the past few years...a lot... It seems like you're regressing to acting younger and younger.  I do hope that you find happiness within yourself, I don't wish harm on anyone.  

Grow up, get a life and leave me and my family alone. I know EXACTLY who you are and you are lucky that in the past 4 years I haven't filed a harassment complaint.  You and your "groupies" need to quit while you're ahead. (Or while you think you're ahead.)


Jul 6, 2011

I'm growing up....and it's scary.

The picture above is a picture of my new baby!  It's a 2009 Jeep Liberty.  I made the decision to get a new car a few weeks ago and wasn't sure exactly when I was going to be getting it.  Hell, I didn't even know if I could get auto financing since my credit is less than great.  I have been working on my credit, paying off my credit card bills on time to establish more credit than what I had.  (I've been doing that since I got credit cards in November) I was really worried about going to a dealer and trying to get financing, but I found a dealer in Little Falls, NJ that specialized in getting financing for those with not so great credit.  The dealer is a good 35 minutes from me, but when they called me and told me I was pre-approved, I decided to give it a try.

Jul 5, 2011

Is being alone important for a mom?

It was so funny when I read this blog post on being alone because I had just been thinking about that today.  When you have children there is no being alone.  Your children follow you everywhere and rightfully so!  They love you and want to be just like you.  Though, sometimes it is great to have alone time.  It's important to take some time for yourself and go out alone, send the kids to their grandma's house or just to go somewhere and think quietly.  It's important for our sanity!  (And it would be VERY nice to be able to go to the bathroom or take a shower without the kids in the bathroom with you.)