Jul 13, 2011

10 Tips to Make Your Life Easier on the Go!

Life on the go is very difficult sometimes, rather you are a busy mom always in your car or on the go on a vacation. There are so many ways to make your life and your trip easier for yourself and your family. Here are some tips that may ease the stress of being on the go or away from home.  Whether you're a business woman, a blogger, a work from home mom or just a very busy mom, there are important apps for your phone that can definitely help you out!  Every mom would love their lives to be easier, and that's what these apps do!

1. If you are a mom that is always on the go to the grocery store, use your iPhone, iPad or other smartphone to help you organize your grocery lists. GroceryIQ is an app for the iphone, Androids and blackberry that will help you to organize and make your shopping a breeze.

2. Cozi is another great app for iphone and iPad. It organizes your families tasks by family member and can even email alerts to each individual family member. It color codes the tasks by family member to quickly look at the calendar at a glance. This program can even be accessed ViA the web on your computer to add, delete or change tasks.

3. If you are on the go on vacation, definitely download Netflix to use when on the go for children. This can help on car trips, at dinner or even at the grocery store. If you don't have Internet access on an iPad, you can also download movies or their favorite TV shows on iTunes.

4. Dropbox is a great app that allows you to access your files on the go. You can save a document, photo or blog post on your computer and upload it to dropbox. That file will then be accessible to you on any device that has dropbox installed as well. It's a great app that is very useful to us busy blogging moms.

5. Blogpress is one of my favorite apps since I do like to blog on the go. It was one of my favorite apps on my iphone and now is one of my most favorite apps on my ipad too. :) I absolutely think that blogpress is so useful if you are on the go. In that case you can blog wherever you are, whenever you want to and about whatever you want.

6. Another great app is Evernote. This app allows you to save and search voice notes, photos, videos and text notes. This is great for quick notes that you may want to blog about later. Definitely a great app for on the go.

7. Get It Done is another app that reminds you of tasks on your to do list. Younvan tag them, categorize them and organize them so you can actually want to look at your to do list and get them done.

8. Feedly is. Great RSS reader which has a great user interface and is fun to use! You can read your RSS feed from iPhone or iPad. You can also add or edit/delete feeds.

9. PS Express is one of those apps that everyone needs. Who doesn't like to edit their photos on the go? Especially photos that you can add to your blogpress entry.

10. Most of all, you need an iPad or smartphone to be a smart mom on the go. The smartphone or tablet will make your everyday activities so much easier than normal. It is definitely one of those things you cant leave home without.

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