Jul 12, 2011

My 10 Reasons to Visit Virginia Beach

My mom, my uncle and I used to always go on vacation together for as long as I can remember, but my grandma and grandpa hardly ever went. The one vacation I remember so clearly was my mom, my uncle, me and my grandparents. They weren't really vacation people and didn't like to travel and go to beaches, but they went with us that year. We traveled to Virginia Beach. From New Jersey that is quite a trek, especially for a 8 year old. I swore the car ride seemed like it was days long and to this day, I still have no idea why my family decided to drive. From what I remember, our trip was full of memorable things such as my moms car breaking down on the way to VA Beach.  I would absolutely love to take my girls back to Virginia Beach one day, despite the long drive.  Why?

10. The Virginia Aquarium would be just perfect to take my kids to.  They enjoy watching shows on sea life and Alayna is dying to see a dolphin.  When we visit the Jersey Shore we go to the small aquarium there and Alayna is honestly hypnotized by the different colors of fish.

9. The Beaches are definitely the main reason that people go to Virginia Beach.  They have 35 miles of beaches that the whole family would love to lounge at.  The best part is that they are free!  They have the resort area beaches as well as the Chesapeake Bay beaches.  They're clean and beautiful.

8.  This isn't for us since we don't golf, but it can't be left out!  Virginia Beach has many different golf courses in their immediate area!  This would be great for the dads and grandpas who would love to go to the golf course while the family rests or lounges on the beach.

7. The oceanfront hotels are gorgeous and are actually available for affordable prices!  Who doesn't love to stay in an oceanfront room?

6. Why not go fishing or learn to fish while you're there?  I have only gone fishing once in my life, and I would love to go again.  My girls are always asking if they can eventually learn to fish and I'm sure it would be a great experience for them!  Virginia Beach offers great fishing areas as well!

5. The boardwalk is 3 miles long and has a bike path for those who want to rent a bike and take a ride with the family!  This is probably one of the most fun things that you can do with your family!

4. There are great watersports like parasailing, Jet skiing, boat rides and more.  The boat rides would be great for my kids, but the jet skiing will probably have to wait! lol :)  Even mommy would be afraid of the jet skiing!

3. Restaurants are plentiful at VA beach!  There are places that can satisfy every appetite as well as every budget!  One of the best parts of vacation is eating out at different restaurants.  At least it always had been for me!

2.  This one would definitely be for me; there's so much shopping around Virginia Beach, it's a shopper's paradise!  Department stores, specialty stores, outlet stores, boutiques and so much more -- Virginia Beach has it all!

1.  The main reason I would go back to Virginia Beach would be for the memories.  I actually remember that we stayed at a hotel called the Cavalier.  Why do I remember this?  My grandma had such a hard time remembering and pronouncing it we would all joke with her about it.  I honestly don't know if that hotel is still there, but if it was I would stay there again... Just for the memories.

Whenever I watch family videos of that vacation it makes me smile.  It was probably one of the only vacations that we took with my grandparents and it was one of the most memorable.  I remember flying a kite outside my hotel room with my grandfather and my uncle, I remember digging for sand crabs with my mom and my grandma, I remember the car ride and the fun we had. (Even with my mom's car breaking down) Those are memories that will live forever, even though my grandparents are gone and they're memories that I'd love to relive with my children.

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