Jul 27, 2011

My little Fashionista

My daughter is 5 and a half going on 16. She is a mini fashionista, but she definitely takes after her mommy! She gets my sense of style and love of fashion. My little princess loves dresses, skirts, purses, shoes and just anything cute or fashionable. She loves pink and purple and anything with sparkle or bling!  I absolutely love to go shopping with her because she enjoys it!  Olivia  has her own little style too, but she isn't heavy into fashion and shopping as Alayna is.  Alayna loves to go to the mall, try on clothes and find out what fits and works for her!  Hopefully Olivia will grow into that phase when she gets older.  Id love to go shopping with both of my girls someday!

Even though she has to wear a uniform to school, she can't wait to give her uniform her own twist of style this year! She has already scouted out some cute skirts at where else? JC Penney, of course! She wants to add her "Alayna style" to her kindergarten "big girl" clothes this year!  My daughter is fashionable, yet unique.  She doesn't want to follow everyone else's style, she wants to make her own style and have others follow her own trend.  She always wants to be a leader, not a follower!

As of now, Alayna loves to wear the long tunic tops with leggings, denim skirts with leggings and a shirt or a trendy and cute summery dress.  She always has to have the cutest navy blue skirts for her uniform as well.  Her favorite shoes are her black patent heels (small heel!) but they’re trendy heels!  She would wear anything that she would think is cute and adorable. 

My 5 year old is much more mature and much more fashionable than her age.  While most girls her age want to wear cute dresses that make them look like babydolls, my Alayna wants to wear the trendy dresses and skirts!  Even though she wants to be trendy, she also knows the limits and would never try to dress inappropriately for her age.  I taught her well enough in that aspect!  She is the most popular girl in her class and she loves the attention and comments on her clothes and her accessories! I live vicariously through her, since I was never popular. It's a fun ride for the both of us fashionistas!

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