Jul 11, 2011

Which Revenue Sharing Site is Better? Triond or Factoidz? My experiment.

Recently I've written quite a few articles and did a  little experiment to see which revenue sharing site ended up bringing in more income.  I wrote an article last week about whether Factoidz or Triond is the better site to bring in an extra income as well.  (I go into more detail in that article, so if you are looking for a lot more information on which is better, check that out.)  I really wanted to start at the beginning of the month, submitting the same amount of articles to both sites and see which brings in more page views and income.  I found out that Factoidz brings in quite a bit more than Triond.  

It is sad since Triond used to be a great site.  When I first signed on with Triond, I was getting decent money and my Factoidz earnings were dwindling down.  However, that's completely changed and Factoidz is bringing me in a great amount of income at this point.  There are a few reasons for that, I believe:

  • Factoidz helps to promote their site and your articles.  On Triond you are on your own.  You have to submit your site to Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and other Social Networking and Bookmarking sites or your article will go unseen. It doesn't seem as if Google will crawl the sites of Triond and list them in their searches, while they do Factoidz.
  • Triond does not require a writing sample for their sites, meaning there are a lot of low quality articles there.  It is really hard for Triond to be taken seriously as a professional site when there are many typos and articles with no substance.  They need to do more editing and refusing articles that are not up to standards.  However, they don't.
  • Triond has forums that are extremely unhelpful.  Their forums are full of profanity and users putting other users down.  It reminds me of High School with the cliques and bullshit from the "popular kids".  New users are getting discouraged that they are being put down the way they are and they're leaving the site.
The only advantage that Triond has over Factoidz is Triond gives you Google AdSense earnings while Factoidz does not.  Now, if more people could see your Triond articles and actually get to see the ads on the site, this could be a great advantage.  If only Triond did more to actively help their users, maybe they would gain more readers and more writers.

Factoidz, however, gives you an activity bonus per article.  It ranges from $.20-$4, but that seems to be decreasing for seasoned writers.  Many Factoidz writers agree that their bonuses are drastically going down and I am curious as well.  While the bonuses going down is very frustrating to their writers, they still do more for their writers than Triond and articles still get 50> views per day with no promotion on the writers part.  Triond gets maybe about <20.  

It is only the beginning of the month, but I've been experimenting with this for 11 days.  My Triond earnings are at $3.96 (not including adsense) while my Factoidz earnings are $18.33.  (This does not include Factoidz product reviews.)   I really do feel that until Triond gets their act together, Factoidz is definitely the site to go to make that extra pocket income.