Jul 7, 2011

This is a post to my stalker... Scary, huh?

Dear Chicken Shit,

Didn't your mom ever say this to you; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all?"  Apparently not.  I also highly doubt that you were ever taught how to be a mature adult.  I'm sure I know who you are and it is sad that you have to stoop to a childish elementary school level to feel good about yourself.  You should really try some other methods to make yourself feel better, putting down someone else and trying to screw them over is really sad.  It's actually more of a sad thing that doing that makes you feel more high and mighty.  

You always wanted to be part of the in crowd and you know what?  I did at one point too.  Maybe it's just the fact that I didn't have tons of friends in High School, but I wanted to be "cool" so I could fit in.  Sad to say, that is why I hung out with you.  That is a huge regret in my life because you brought me down and you never made me feel good about myself.  You always had to prove to me that you were better and you were prettier.  That was probably another way for you to make yourself feel better.  Now I realize I don't need tons of friends and I realized the hard way that I don't need to fit into a crowd. I'm fine the way I am.  I'm a hard working woman, I'm a mother of two beautiful girls and I have three best friends who make me actually feel better about myself.  Those three friends have been with me throughout everything and throughout your 4 years of bullying.  Aren't you tired of it yet?  Shouldn't you actually grow up and start acting your age?  I think it's about damn time.  

I'm not writing this because I'm crying at your insults.  Actually, I'm laughing at them.  I think it's hilarious that after 4 years you are still at it and hilarious that you have to post anonymously on my blog, articles and so on.  What? Too afraid to say what you want to say to my face?  Grow up and get a damn life!  I actually feel bad for you, you must really feel low about yourself to have to continue to put me down.  You can't find anyone else to bully?  Probably because once, 4 years ago, I was a naive girl who just wanted a good friend.  Unfortunately, I feel prey to your manipulation and mind-f'ing.  I've grown up over the past few years...a lot... It seems like you're regressing to acting younger and younger.  I do hope that you find happiness within yourself, I don't wish harm on anyone.  

Grow up, get a life and leave me and my family alone. I know EXACTLY who you are and you are lucky that in the past 4 years I haven't filed a harassment complaint.  You and your "groupies" need to quit while you're ahead. (Or while you think you're ahead.)