Jul 8, 2011


After months of trying, having success and then falling back; Olivia is completely potty trained!  Olivia really started to potty train when my mom first went into the hospital.  There was so much running around, dropping the girls off at my grandma's house, my trying to work in between all this that sometimes I would forget to put enough diapers in her travel bag!  Actually, once I forgot to even give my grandma diapers I was so out of it.  Olivia realized then that she had to learn to go on the potty and she did!  It was like night and day, she didn't gradually make the transition.  I'm so proud of her for being off the diapers and off the bottle, and she is even more proud of herself.  

Alayna was hard to potty train too. She just loved her diapers.  Alayna had started to potty train when she was 2.5, but when Olivia was born she regressed back and refused to use the potty.  It took me a year after that to finally get her to realize that she just couldn't wear pull ups anymore.  Olivia had no excuse, she just wanted to be stubborn and do it on her own time. (Surprise, Surprise!)  I'm so happy that she is potty trained.  Less money that mommy has to spend on those God awfully expensive diapers!  So far, we have been in underpants for two weeks and absolutely no accidents!  Way to go Livvy!