May 23, 2010

Five Fun Family Vacation Activities Kids Will Love

Growing up, I've had some great memorable vacations with my family.  My mom always found the best things to do on week long vacations or even smaller day trips. (Which I still considered vacations!)  Now that I am a mom,  I am really trying to figure out great vacations for myself and my kids and I want to find something to do that is interesting to myself and to them.  Something they won't ever forget!

I know one of the biggest things people wonder at this time of the year is; What can we do on our vacation that would be fun?  Along with TwitterMoms giving us the idea to come up with a solution to this common question, we wanted to try to address that with what I have come up with!  I've been thinking long and hard about this!

1.  Disneyland / DisneyWorld -  Though it's one of the most common answers you'll hear, I believe the Magic Kingdom is probably the number one best place for a family vacation.  Kids know the magic of Disney and they believe in it.  While I think my kids are too young to enjoy it fully, I do hope to take them to Disney as soon as I feel they will be able to enjoy it.  I think that would definitely be the first best family vacation to take. (And I know that's cliche and it's probably said a lot.)

2.  Hershey Park -  If you live on the East Coast or can get to Hershey Park,  I believe this is the second best vacation for a family.  Hershey Park offers quite a lot of amusement for old and young alike!  You can find out a lot about Hershey itself, take tours, get amazing chocolate and the kids can meet the Hershey characters, go on rides and so much more.  I went here when I was younger and I absolutely loved it.  They offer so much!

3.  Six Flags -  ALWAYS a great choice.  Most Six Flags have water parks that have fun for the whole family.  The kids have their little water park and the adults have their section!  Six Flags also has the Wild Animal Safari that is a drive thru safari,  kids love animals and so do adults!  Of course, the amusement park is always great as well!  I have gone here numerous times in my life and had so much fun on every occasion; EVEN WHEN I WAS AN ADULT!! :)

4.  In your own backyard or Campgrounds - If you're on a budget, I'd say this is the way to go.  You can have a camp out in your own backyard.  Pitch a tent, roast marshmallows, you can do whatever you'd do at a camp out!  If you don't have a large enough backyard like we do,  go to a camp ground and do the same!  It's fun, cost efficient and definitely family friendly!

5.  The Beach - Most beaches don't charge, so this would also be great on a budget!  Here, we go down the Jersey Shore which is full of beautiful beaches and great amusement parks!  If you're lucky enough to have a beach that has a boardwalk with rides, even better!!  The beach itself could be a great vacation spot!

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