May 3, 2010

10 Little Things that Lead to a Happier, Healthier You


As moms, we can't always go to the spa, get a professional manicure, pedicure, massage and I know sometimes we want one more than anything else in the world!  I whole-heartedly believe that we deserve one after those long days of chasing the kids, putting clothes back on numerous times, the poops that may worry us and the housework/errands we had to finish.  Moms are really supermoms...they are always on the go with very little sleep.  How do we stay sane?  How do we keep ourselves in check?  There has to be a way!  

1. MAKE SURE TO MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF -  If you don't take at least one hour per day (even when the kids go to bed) just relax.  Drink a glass of wine, watch a movie, take a bath... Just spend some time recollecting yourself.  If you don't do that, you'll probably start to feel overwhelmed.  I know that's how I felt.

2. Take time out to exercise - You can do this alone by walking earlier in the morning or going to the gym earlier in the morning or with your kids.  I have gotten many "mommy and me" exercise tapes over the years and Alayna, Olivia and I really enjoy doing them together!  It's a fun activity to keep them busy and yourself fit and relaxed. :) 

3. Drink plenty of water per day -  Water purifies your body and gets rid of unnecessary toxins.  It also keeps your skin hydrated and makes you feel better!  You should have (6) 8oz glasses of water per day.  You may also lose a pound or two in the process!

4.  Eat healthy -  Add some veggies or fruits into your food planning.  Maybe add a salad to your meal.  I was very surprised how eating healthier made me feel so much better and gave me so much more energy.  It also makes you feel like you're doing something 

5. Take some time outside -  I can vouch for the fact that if you go out in the fresh air with your kids, it will calm them down and they will usually go to sleep at their bedtime.  It's just the fresh air tires them out, not to mention the running around and playing outside as well!  That will lead to a happier, healthier you because you can get to relax earlier and not have to have the stress of kids that will not calm down. 

6. Take a shower and get dressed as soon as you wake up -  I know this from experience,  if you wake up before the kids, take a shower and get dressed right then and there.  There are some days that I haven't done that, and it ended up 12 am the next day before I even had a chance to take a shower.  I know it's more comfy to walk around in your jammies, but getting dressed makes you feel refreshed and better!

7. Read alone or with your kids -  Take at least 20 minutes a day and read by yourself or with your kids; whichever you prefer.  You'll feel better because reading is very relaxing, and if you are reading with your kids, you're spending quality time with them.

8. Don't diet, change your way of eating - After years of dieting, I realized this is important.  Diets are not reliable.  You may lose some weight, but as soon as temptation hits and you binge or cave; you will gain it back.  Take it from someone who has been there, done that and made that mistake too many times.  Rather, change your way of eating.  I started Nutrisystem with their plan and their food...a year later,  I know enough to cook my own healthy foods and still eat the appropriate serving sizes...  I thank Nutrisystem for their assistance in my learning what's a right portion and what's a wrong portion... And I'm still losing weight. :)  I definitely do suggest Nutrisystem if you are starting out.  Even though it is a plan, it isn't a diet.  It's a long term way of life. :)

9. Think of things that you are thankful for every day -  It is so easy to just concentrate on the negative things in our everyday life.  I have been there.  I used to take everything negative and let it get me down.  One day, I realized that was not the way to go throughout my day.  It didn't accomplish anything and just depressed me!  Instead, whenever I feel like I am getting down, I think of things I am thankful for and things that I feel make my life absolutely great.  It definitely works!

10.  Every week; paint your nails -  Rather you paint your own nails or buy a cheap pair of fakes, doing your own nails once a week really helps you feel like you're pampering yourself.  I look forward to that one day per week that I give myself a manicure.  It makes me feel lady-like and beautiful.  Give yourself some attention!

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