May 1, 2010

We had Yard Sale Success today!

Our yard sale went amazingly!  We had so much to put out.  I had so much of the girls' baby clothes, baby stuff (bassinet, car seats, toys, bouncer, etc...)  as well as some toys the girls don't use anymore and wanted to sell.  I had some clothes that were too big for me, my mom had some furniture, appliances and we just had our entire yard full of tables and crap!!  (One man's trash is another man's treasure, right?)  We got up so damn early...5:30 am to start organizing what we had put out last night and to put more out.  In our area, people start coming an hour early... Even if you say that it starts promptly at 8 am, so we had to be ready.  

By 10 am, we had sold a load of stuff.  Everyone seemed to be interested in baby clothes and baby items today!  My late grandmother had purchased me a $279 double stroller when I was pregnant with Olivia...  I used it three times until I figured out it was huge and actually found a smaller double stroller at another yard sale.  A very nice young mother who already had one son and was due with her daughter next week, had her mom purchase the double stroller for $79.  They also got a load of baby clothes and purchased the bouncing horse (It's a full size horse on springs that makes sounds...) that I had when I was a baby.  She offered $20 for that.  They were very nice people and we actually swapped numbers because she may be interested in some of our other baby things as well.  Such a nice girl. :)  I love to see my beloved items go to someone who can really use them and someone who will respect them.  

All in all, we sold more than half of what we put out, and made a good amount of money.  People around here really come to yard sales to spend.  Of course, they love to find a good deal, but in the process, they really do walk away with a lot.  I was thankful, because I really needed what I got to pay some bills. :)  The girls made $30 between the both of them.  Alayna was a little sales lady and sold her toys like a pro!!

Alayna eventually had a playdate planned with my grandma, so she had to leave the yard sale early.  Olivia went with her dad for the weekend.  The girls were honestly crying when Olivia went with her dad and Alayna went with my grandma, but Alayna had that playdate planned for days.  She really was so excited about going because grandma takes her to the park, and takes her in the attic and different things.  She just missed her sister.  

We had a fun day.  The weather was great...very hot.  Around 90 degrees, but it wasn't humid and had a nice breeze. All of the running back and forth to get stuff from the house and garage, it was a great work out!!  But, I found a fitness set when I was cleaning through things in the basement.  I'm going to start using it soon!  I had a friend tell me today, that I looked absolutely amazing and so much better than previously.  WHICH I AGREE!!  I will never let myself get to that weight again.  Depression really made me eat and be lazy.  I'm realizing that I can combat it myself...I just have to motivate myself to get my lazy butt up and do things.  Which is what I'm doing now!  Yay!