May 28, 2010


Hello to everyone from the Friday blog hops that I am a part of. :)  Since Friday Follow ended, I've been trying to really get into all of the blog hops that I can. (AND I JUST FOUND OUT FRIDAY FOLLOW IS BACK!! Check below for the button)  I love finding new blogs to read and enjoy that people can visit me and learn more about myself and my family!  Here are some facts about what I'm about:

  1. My name is Kristin but I'm hardly ever called that.  Most friends call me Krissy or Jess(ie).
  2. I have two girls, Alayna is 4.5 and Olivia is 2.5.  They're my life.
  3. I'm a single mom and striving to be as strong of a single mom as my mom was.
  4. I have a weight loss blog where I log my journey.  Artsy Mom Weight Loss.
  5. I LOVE being a mommy blogger and product reviewer.  Honestly, I enjoy doing it and enjoy getting the word out about new products.  
  6. I love any kind of music, but mostly Top 40.  
  7. Broadway shows are such a love of mine.
  8. The town that I live in, in NJ, is 20 minutes away from Midtown Manhattan.  I go there a lot.
  9. Yes, Yes, I hate to admit it, but I do have an accent.  I say "draw" for drawer, "Cawfee", "Dawg" and so on... 
  10. I'm an artist and went to Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia.
  11. Imagination Movers is a guilty pleasure of mine.  Yes, I like a Disney Channel kids band.  WHATEVER!! lol
  12. Currently, I am unemployed but had my own business.
  13. ELECTRONICS NUT HERE!!! I'm a self proclaimed geek.
  14. My family calls me the "Coupon Queen". (And so do a lot of grocery stores locally.)
  15. Saving money gives me such a sense of satisfaction and pride. :)
  16. I love comments and new followers. :D  
Hopefully you all can enjoy what I write.  I really write a little bit of everything and just really enjoy doing it.  To me, blogging is an emotional outlet.  No matter what I write.  I love meeting new friends and new mommy bloggers, so don't be shy!!

Have a great Holiday weekend!!

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