May 7, 2010

Isn't shopping supposed to be fun?

I have a communion party tomorrow and I am very apprehensive about going.  The reason why is funny... It's a buffet type setting.  What do I do at buffet type settings?  Um, well, duh...I eat.  (And eat, and eat, and eat.)  The place that the party is being held is family owned... (By a family friend)  We have had many parties here over the years and the food is just amazing.  I shouldn't be worried and should just eat in proper portions, but this is what my dieting is turning into... Fearing anything different than my normal healthy meals.  I feel like I have worked so hard to get to where I am and I know one meal won't screw up my diet that much.  I should just relax and remember to just eat right...  We'll see how that goes...

Buying a Mother's Day gift for my grandmother is just the most difficult thing.  My mom and I spent so much time yesterday and today trying to find the right gift.  I love my grandmother, but she is very much stuck in the past.  We've bought her so much over the years, and they end up in her attic. (Like the cordless phone, VCR, toaster oven, answering machine...)  Remember that episode of Everybody Loves Raymond where they find a CD Player in the basement?  Yes, that's my grandmother.  It seemed like more of a project than a joy trying to shop for her! Ha! We ended up getting her the GT Express and a bath robe... Can't go wrong with a bath robe, but the GT Express may end up in the attic.

My mom and I had another great day of spending time together.  She had fun going to random places around our city and buying things that she found interesting.  I have to admit that I had fun too.  I love finding great deals and sales, and I found many of those today.  At Kohls, I saved $78.34 and only spent $35!  Sales = Pure joy!! lol  The kids also got imitation Bratz dolls from a discount store we went to.  I have to say, those imitation Bratz dolls are so much better than the authentic ones!  Their feet stay on and the shoes just go on the normal people.  Ha!! The authentic Bratz have pop off feet and the shoes fit on tiny pegs... Not something I enjoy.  I find feet everywhere!

Tomorrow is going to be the birth of a new giveaway!!  It's from The Vintage Pearl... Such a great company, such great products and it will be a great giveaway!  Keep posted!!