May 10, 2010

TV shows, Restaurants, Parenting and Mother's Day - Monday Mingle for May 10, 2010

(Monday Mingle is below.  I just want to update a little!)

Well, you know the apprehension about eating bad at the communion party we had to go to on Saturday?  Now I know why I had that apprehension... My mom always told me that when I get a bad feeling, there is usually a reason for it... It's proved to be right more than once, but I never want to admit my mom was right.  Turns out, I got sick.  I wasn't feeling good throughout the party, but ignored it.  I just had no appetite and didn't feel like eating.  All I had was a small salad and some green beans with parmesan and almonds.  I got home from the party around 9 pm and around 9:30 I started vomiting.  Turns out, I had a high fever and just felt terrible all day yesterday and until about 12pm today.  It was horrible.  I hate getting sick and this was no different.  What a great Mother's Day I had bed all day.  We did go visit my Mom-Mom to give her the gift we had gotten her, but I ended up sleeping on her couch for the 3 hours we were there.  The kids were very cooperative and very good for my mom when I was sick, I have to give them that credit.   At least I woke up this morning and was 199!  (But I only ate one small bowl of soup yesterday!)  

So many people told me how great I looked when we were at the party.  I wore the dress I bought in the smallest size I've been in years.  I've worked so hard to lose this weight and most of these people haven't even seen me in an entire year, so I was a lot heavier.  I just felt so great that people noticed.  I definitely notice.  :) 

My kids had such a good time at the party.  Alayna definitely isn't shy... She ended up making friends with all the kids there and was dancing like crazy!  I have videos that I want to upload, because she was so adorable dancing with everyone.  Olivia even started dancing, after she got over being shy.  They had such a good time and looked like such little princesses!  If you want to see the rest of the pictures from the party, click here -- Communion Party Pictures.

Now onto Monday Mingle!! (Hosted by Eighty MPH Mom)