My Favorite Posts

After posting over 400 posts on my blog, I do have my favorites and posts that I would love to highlight.  Here are some of them!  I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed posting them.  Feel free to leave comments on the posts as well.  I always love to hear what you think.

  • I posted this in 2009 when I had my own jewelry business.  I would work at home (still do!) and would sometimes have to keep my kids busy so I could get work done.  Basically, I outline ways that you can keep your kids busy and entertained while you're getting work done!  I should really post another that is updated since I have new ways to juggle kids and work.
Relaxing with Cinnamon 10/26/2009
  • A yummy recipe for Cinnamon tea.  I'm not a huge fan of tea, but this was just so delicious that I had to share the recipe!
  • My response to something I read accusing mommy bloggers of making money and "cheating" others out of money for getting paid for their hobby.  This is an interesting read since there are so many people who think that mommy bloggers put themselves out there just for money.  (Untrue!)
Death of a Pillow (02/17/2010)
  • This is just one of my favorite posts for Wordless Wednesday because of what happened to inspire this post.  I have forgiven my girls...a year later. :)
My Room Tour (03/02/2010)
  • Since I am an artist, and my room reflects that, I decided to post where I live, work and blog from.  This is my room and my life.  This is one of my favorite posts because my room really shows the artistic person that I am.
  • Ok, so this is more of a picture, but it's a great idea for lunches and making your kids want to eat! :) 
  • A post in response to an article from the NY Times that stated mothers neglect their children and exploit them for good blog material.  This post made me, along with many other bloggers, very angry. This is one of my favorite posts as well as one of the most popular posts on my site.  
  • My first open letter to any store, venting my frustration.  This cashier was very rude to me and used inappropriate language to ever say to a customer.  I am happy to say that this letter made a difference in my Target store.
  • My venting to the NJ Governor for his words about pre school being unnecessary and daycare.  His words really struck a chord with me, since my daughter is smart and wanted to go to school.  When I heard they were going to rid the Pre-School programs in my state, I was upset.
  • A venting on life, my mom and not living up to her expectations.  Sometimes, as a single mother, you get very discouraged in life.  Especially when you feel that what you're doing is never enough for yourself and your family.  This post outlines my feelings about that.  I love it, because it's very deep and revealing.
  • Just a cute, humorous post about coloring eggs with my girls
  • A lot of people found these helpful and I even won a gift card for writing this post. :)  I'm glad I wrote it as well, I got a lot of great feedback!  Check it out!
  • Just a humorous vent! I'm sure all moms can relate to this post.
  • A sad realization in my life...that I'm old.  It's interesting when you have new views of things that you wouldn't have in the past.
  • I also won a gift card for this post and absolutely love it.  I love it, because it tells you how to keep your sanity while traveling or out with your kids.  
  • Definitely a great read.  I also won a gift card for this post.  The tips that I gave in this post are very helpful and most definitely do help you to lead a better life and happier you!  Check it out!
  • Love this post!  Gives some ideas for family vacation activities that maybe you didn't think of! And on a budget!
  • This is definitely a great post as well!  I love to be thrifty and fashionable, especially because I am on a budget! Learn new ways to look good, while still being a mom.
  • The KEY pieces to any vacation packing.  Pack light and still look good! 
  • The second half to my rant about NJ wanting to end Pre-School programs.
  • A post on the reality of motherhood.  What you do not expect when you envision motherhood.  Harsh reality, but a blessing.
  • Self explanatory. :)
  • How I changed after I became a mother.  Maturity is great when you can look back!
  • This is definitely a necessary read if you have troubles with self tanners!  Learning some tips from my mistakes!