Dec 7, 2014

Best iPhone 6 Apps for 2014 for Moms & Work At Home Moms

A month ago I decided to take the plunge and get the coveted iPhone 6.  It took a lot of thinking and re-working my budget but since AT&T Next really makes it easy to get a new phone within your budget, I decided it would work for me.  I decided upon the iPhone 6 instead of the iPhone 6 Plus. Why?  I really don't know.  Occasionally I do regret getting the iPhone 6 and wish I had gotten the 6 Plus, but I think there are times when we all want what we don't have! :)  Long story short, I love my phone and am extremely happy that I got it! 

I realized that the last Favorite Apps post I did was a very long time ago and my favorites have changed and morphed into new ones since then.  That being said, I figured that I would write up a new post with my favorite iPhone 6 apps of 2014

TweetBot - I've actually written about tweet bot in two other favorite apps posts back in 2013 and 2012 and I actually still do use the app.  Currently, I have the app in my Social Media folder because I do yo-yo between the native Twitter app and TweetBot, but I really do prefer TweetBot because of how great it looks, how quick it is and how you can easily switch between Twitter accounts.  The native Twitter app is a little roundabout in terms of switching between accounts.  It does cost $2.99, but I feel the minimal cost is completely worth the product you get!

Evernote - I also wrote about Evernote in the previous two posts I did as well.  This app is always going to be a favorite of mine because it literally stores your entire life.  I call this my life in an app and use it to store the novel that I am writing, coupons that I want to use, documents that I scan in and want to keep safe, work documents (business plans, contracts, media kit, etc...), I scan and keep my kids artwork in there from school, I do project and event planning and so much more.  This app keeps everything safe that I need and want.  The best part is that I can easily go into the app and search for anything that I'm looking for since everything you post is searchable.  You can keep voice notes, video notes, picture notes, text notes and even e-mail anything you need to save directly into the app to categorize at a later time.

Cal - In the past I have used Cozi and Agenda as my calendar replacements but I grew tired of those and found flaws that I couldn't let go of in time.  I found Cal which is a great calendar app.  It has a great interface, is very aesthetically pleasing, and you can sync  your Cal app with Any.Do so you can see your to-do list within your calendar app and plan your day to get more done! It also lets you know, in between tasks & events, how much time you have free.  I think this is just a terrific app for planning and a great calendar replacement. 

Timehop - Still one of my favorite apps.  I open it first thing every morning to see what I was up to every year prior on that exact day.  It's so interesting to see how far I've come from 5 years ago and to reminisce on what happened on that day in the past.  Since I've lost a tremendous amount of weight, I also enjoy looking back on the app when I have old pictures that I posted on that exact day to see how far I've come with my weight loss.  This app is a must-have in my opinion!

Misfit - NOTE: You cannot use Misfit unless you have one of their neat little wearable activity trackers.  I currently have a Misfit Flash so that's why I use this app!  I love Misfit because it gives you an accurate interpretation of how active you were during the day, how many calories you burnt with exercise, how many everyday steps you took and how much & how well you slept that night.  I purchased a Misfit Flash on Black Friday and never take this thing off.  I'm obsessed with checking my sleep patterns, how many steps I took, etc...  If you are considering getting an inexpensive activity tracker, I suggest checking out Misfit and if you get a Misfit, go ahead and download their app! :)

My Fitness Pal - Ever since I set out on my journey to lose weight in January, My Fitness Pal has been the biggest help to me.  It's a place where you can track your weight, exercise, goals and also a community where you can lean on others for support, ask questions, etc...  I don't think I could have lost 80 pounds without the help of My Fitness Pal!  If you are thinking about losing weight or need some help losing weight, I definitely suggest downloading this app.  

Things - In the past 7 years that I have had an iPhone, I've been through a large number of different To Do List apps.  I may have used the majority of the ones in the app store but I just recently downloaded Things and really like it.  You can create projects to categorize tasks under, you can schedule tasks for certain days, you can see what's overdue, current and what is a priority and the "app flag" shows you how many tasks you have to do for that day.  Now most people don't care about the app flag but I mention that because I hate app flags and want every single one of them gone so I work harder to complete the tasks for that specific day so I don't have to look at that ugly red flag. 

Spotify - There are so many apps just like this but I love Spotify the most.  I used to use Rdio but I got tired of it and didn't like how it was laid out.  Spotify has a great dark background with bright text, you can follow your friends and listen to their play lists, discover new music, search and listen to almost any song that you want to hear and you can listen offline with their premium subscription.  Sure it costs $9.99 a month but students only pay $5.99 a month and it is very much worth the cost.  This app has almost taken over the need for the native Music app on my phone.

Inrix Traffic - Since I work (almost) an hour away I need to know the traffic every single morning.  Something I loved about my Android was that I would get notifications every morning, 20 minutes before I would leave, telling me the traffic on my way to work.  I was upset that the iPhone didn't offer that until I found this app!  This app shows you the traffic, suggests alternate routes, shows you the local traffic cameras on your route and NOTIFIES YOU EVERY MORNING!  So now I know when to leave, if I should leave earlier, if I could wait a little longer to leave, etc...  And I do have to say, this is the most accurate traffic app that I have ever used.

Polyvore - I just recently downloaded this app and I've been obsessed with putting together outfits with this app.  They give you a white background and tons of clothing item options to create your own "look".  This is my favorite thing to do when I have nothing else to do! :)

VSCO Cam - This is really the only photo editing app that I use even though I have a million and one apps downloaded.  I love the filters on this app and the ability to download even more apps from their in-app purchases!  You can edit almost anything with this app including contrast, brightness, warmth, filters, etc...  This app is the only app you really need for photo editing and the only one that I currently use! 

What are your favorite apps?