Dec 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday and the Holiday Spirit

I was going to leave this as just a normal Wordless Wednesday post but I decided to add some words because I just love the Holidays and I absolutely love Holiday decorating/decorations. :)  This is our second Christmas in our home and Holiday decorating in this house is just amazing.  The reason we moved here is because of the cabin-like vibe that the house gave.  The wooden planked ceilings, the warm colors and the stone entry way/wood flooring really makes it feel cozy and more unique than other homes that are in the area.  It is especially cozy around the Holidays when everything is decorated, lit and the glow from the Christmas lights are warm but also bright. 

White lights, though they're beautiful, are not my "cup of tea" for the tree, but I absolutely love them for the (faux) fireplace and for decorating other areas.  Mostly because I feel like the white lights are very classy and they really make the tree pop.  The only other part of my house that has the colored lights are the exterior (of course) and the banister -- because I love the colored glow that shines upstairs at night from the colored banister lights! 

Our pesky & trouble-making elves are also back; Elfie and Sofia.  They've been making their appearance each day in silly places that my children absolutely love.  This morning they showed up hanging from the very wreath that is hanging over our faux fireplace!  My girls searched and searched until they finally figured out that the crazy elves were hiding in plain sight! 

This is definitely my favorite time of the year and I am definitely in the Holiday spirit!  Well, this ended up being more of a wordful wednesday than a wordless one!