Dec 15, 2014

When Mom's Text...

I got my mom a smart phone last year because I was tired of her calling me 40 times a day to ask random, stupid, little questions.  I taught her to text those random, stupid, little questions to me so my phone wouldn't be ringing off the hook for a simple, "Where is the milk?" 

Now she texts me a trillion and one times a day, but that's okay because at least I can silence and ignore those.  Sometimes her texts really amuse me and I get a great laugh out of them.  My mom, self admittedly, has fat fingers and blames this (and Siri/Voice Text) on every stupid message she sends me.  I thought I would share some of the funniest and craziest with you!

Exhibit 1. 

Of course mom.  Whatever you just said to me, I completely agree. 

Exhibit 2. 

Oh yeah, you know it mom.  I wish I was there with your crazy brain dumps via text that make absolutely no sense.  Maybe it's a rousing game of Pick the one that doesn't belong.  LIQUID PLUMBER!

Exhibit 3. 

Nothing beats a blurry picture of your child! I'm going to print that and frame right now!

Exhibit 4. 

The nonsense texts must be contagious because my children now aren't making sense! And you know you can't live without the every-emoji-in-the-book text.

Exhibit 5. 

Sure your pocket typed that while you were walking up the stairs.  So this is what happens when I'm at work? #horrified

Exhibit 6. 

I really have no idea what she's talking about here.  Firstly, I don't know anyone named Michael but I was shopping at Michaels (the store) when she texted me this... Secondly, "rose my breakfast"... I can't even half interpret that.  Good job, mom!

Exhibit 7. 

Last but not least, you can't forget about the every-emoji-in-the-book text, once again.  This one seems to be popular.