Dec 7, 2014

They Grow Up So Quickly! Olivia's 7th Birthday Party.

Time flies when you're having fun.  My daughter's birthday is actually on December 21st but after years of having trouble getting kids to come to her party, so close to Christmas, we pushed her party up a few weeks this year. Finally, we were able to have almost everyone that she invited come to her party! 

A brand new Chuck E Cheese just opened up two weeks ago about 10 minutes from our house, so we jumped to book the party there. It's actually really funny because that same place is where I had MANY parties as a child. Except back then it was Discovery Zone. (does anyone remember Discovery Zone?) 

Her party had a Frozen theme (duh, frozen is life. Doesn't everyone know that?) but I had such a hard time finding any frozen cakes. I usually make my kids' cakes but between her being sick last week, work and just hectic life, I didn't have the time to. I ran to Walmart this morning and found this perfect purple, blue and pink cake and picked up some smaller Frozen figures which worked perfectly on top of the cake. Voila! Frozen themed cake. (How great am I? Go on! You can say it!)

The party ended up being perfect. The girls had so much fun, got tons of tickets to turn in for prizes and my little princess was the happiest kid on the planet. 

My girls are very close and my 9 year olds friends are also my 6 (and a half) year olds friends, so we invited three of their mutual 9 year old friends as well. My youngest and her 1st grade friends felt so cool because they were hanging out with third graders. It was adorable!  The older kids had fun too but they, of course, thought Chuck E was corny! 

After the party, we heard that Geoffrey the Giraffe was at Toys r Us and that they were doing a free ornament decorating activity. Well, Toys r Us was right next door so we went to see what was up! We walked in and Geoffrey was right there in the front and my girls were super excited to meet him! My youngest said, "Wow, you're so tall!" She was absolutely enthralled with the man in the giraffe costume! 

Side note: When my 9 year old was just a month old, she was asked to be in a babies r Us fashion show in New York. Well, I have a picture of her with Geoffrey at a month old, screaming her head off. I told her that I was going to find that picture and put that one and the current one side by side, just for my own memories! But I digress...

I can't believe that my baby is going to be 7 years old in two weeks. It really blows my mind to think how fast these 7 years have flown by. No matter how old she gets, she's always going to be my little baby girl! No doubt about that!