Mar 2, 2010

My two materialistic loves!

Since my room is nice and clean, I decided to take some pictures of my room and make it into a "Room Tour".  I still have some things to add to my room, I have a new small set of drawers I want to add, I want to add some pictures and such, but that will be done in time and I can always put some updates on the page!!  It's a lot different than most mom's rooms just because I'm a single mom with a creative mind.  A lot of people tell me that the pink is blinding or so bright, but I don't see it like that.  I love the contrast and the colors.  I think my room reflects who I am!  I love Broadway theater, I love music, I love pink, love makeup, love jewelry, my room really shows my personality and that's why I love it.  I try to keep it clean, but my kids constantly bring their toys in there or mess up the floor.  Therefore, when it's completely clean is the best time to take pictures of it. LOL It's now or never!!  You can see my "Room Tour" <-- There.  Definitely leave me a comment to know you stopped by and let me know what you think. :) I love creative input.

Today was another laid back and boring day.  I did some errands that I had to do and had some fun with my kids.  I didn't lose anymore weight, unfortunately, but holding steady.  Sunday was a hard day, I went out to eat and ate a salad. Even so, it was probably high in calories because it was restaurant food.  Yesterday I did good, but it probably takes 48 hours to really go through my system.  Hopefully tomorrow or Thursday I will be a little down again.  I'm still taking my Alli so hopefully that helps as well!

While doing errands today I walked past the Coach store and saw this beauty.  It's called the Coach Sequin Spotlight in Medium.  This purse took my breath away. They have this beautiful purse in black, red, silver and pink.  They also have a glossy version of this that's just called the Spotlight.  It's patent leather, I believe and they're all so gorgeous.  This purse comes with a rhinestone "Coach" key fob as well.  The medium purse runs $395 and the XL purse runs $495.  I love this purse and hope I get enough money for my birthday to buy this!  Actually,  I'm watching an EBay auction for this purse.  Hopefully I can win it for lower than retail price.  This is my dream purse.  I am in LOVE with it.  I just know I need to get this pretty quickly.  I have a feeling this purse is going to be a hot seller just like the plaid Poppy one was, which I wanted and kept putting off to purchase it until after the Holidays! (By then it was sold out of EVERY store and they weren't making any more!!

Tonight is a laid back night.  American Idol, probably watching some Lifetime, reading some blogs and just hanging out.  That's my kind of night. :)


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