Mar 1, 2010

Spring cleaning and my little model.

Spring is coming up quickly, I hope, and my mom and I decided to just take today and clean.  We did pretty well.  First, we tackled the attic.  The attic is pretty much a recepticle for all crap that we can't fit in our house itself. lol Actually, it was a lot worse until a few months ago when we had to start cleaning it.  Even so, there was still A LOT that we had to clean through.  We did pretty well.  Surprisingly, there were mostly old books from when my mom was a child, toys from when I was a kid and A LOT of empty boxes.  We got through there pretty quickly just for the simple fact that we hate being up there. lol  The floorboards are very bad and we just like to get things up there and get the hell out.  We threw out 8 bags of trash from there. 

Next, I tackled my room.  It wasn't bad.  I had "deep cleaned" it the other day, but there was a lot I wanted to finish.  I took a lot of my art stuff and my jewelry stuff and put it in one space in the attic.  I miss doing my jewelry and art, but right now there is no place for it in here.  I miss the extra income as well.  However, I need a certain place to have my stuff.  I need a studio to really work in.  Since we have the house for another year yet, I may use the downstairs bedroom to use as my studio for the time being.  

[But I digress] I used the extra room that I had after moving my craft stuff, and put up another set of shelving and put together a second level for my headboard.  I needed the extra shelving over my headboard.  I feel that my room is very homey now, and I love it.  It's clean, it's organized and I just feel so much more comfortable in my room.  I'll probably take pictures tomorrow and post them on here. (Since I'm so proud of it.)  

Alayna wants to be a model.  She has wanted to be a model since she could talk!  Of course, we don't have the money to get her into modeling, but since I love photography and actually minored in photography in college, I decided to photograph her today!  This is my absolute favorite picture.  She told me that she will always want to be a model and told me that she will work to be a model until she is a model.  I can say for sure that Alayna has great determination and great drive.  She is steady in the fact she wants to be a model and I do believe she will accomplish that someday.  She's a gorgeous little girl.  Both my girls are absolutely gorgeous.  :)  I love them so much!  I do have to say -- Alayna does NOT look like she's 4 1\2 in this picture.  She looks more like 6 to me.  LOL.  It makes me sad that my two little girls are growing up.  I remember the days that they were both born.  My two little princesses!

Did anyone watch the Bachelor?  I was really rooting for Tenley.  I thought there was something about Vienna that just wasn't right.  I felt she was fake and conceited and just not the right woman for Jake.  I thought that she could have grown up a little more.  Isn't she like 22?  I just felt like Tenley would have been a better pick.  Of course, though, men always go for physical attraction over listening to their heart.  I know that for a fact.  That is why I am still single.  Men are vein.