Mar 27, 2010

Today was supposed to be a cleaning day.  Olivia had gone to her dad's this morning so it was just me, Alayna and mom.  We had such great plans to clean and rearrange the girl's room, the living room, organize all the toys and put in boxes the toys that we think would be best to sell at a garage sale... That was until I saw there were garage sales. lol  

I absolutely LOVE garage sale season because you really find some great stuff that you can either put aside or use.  (That's where I had gotten a lot of the Christmas presents I gave this past year!)  So, I took a ride to Staten Island to go to a few sales!  I found one that was very worthwhile and two that looked just like a bunch of junk.  

I ended up snagging 15 shirts that are great for summer, a beautiful antique jewelry chest for my room and a Hamilton Beach indoor/outdoor tabletop grill for just $8.  (My mom was so excited when I brought that home! LOL)  I really can't wait until there are more great garage sales so my mom and I can have our garage sale saturdays together. :)  

Now I'm home, Alayna is completely hyper, my mom is completely punchy and exhausted, I think we're all gonna take a little nap and then clean. lol  And to think...this was supposed to be a cleaning day...LOL