Mar 21, 2010

Spring is finally here!

And it actually feels like it.  I really hope the weather doesn't revert back to the terrible cold weather that we had previously. :)  I love my kids dearly, but my kids being in the house ALL of the time starts to drive us all nuts.  I'm sure anyone with kids would agree!  Fresh air is good for them and actually makes them tired so they will go to bed on time.  Maybe I won't have two little insomniacs anymore.

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  The temperature was around 73 all day and actually got up to 75 at one point.  I had gone to NYC yesterday with a friend of mine to celebrate my birthday.  Unfortunately, the day didn't exactly turn out the way we wanted it to when her phone fell in the toilet of a coffee shop near where we parked.  We're both crackberry addicts, so I found her a Verizon store so she could get her phone replaced.  Two hours wasted in the Verizon store, where in they gave her a new phone for a $50 deductable, but took way too long to get everything going.  We wasted half our day there.  Although, while we waited for the phone to be set, we did walk across the street to Bryant Park to just hang out, sit in the sunny warm weather and just wait somewhere other than the dreary Verizon store!

I absolutely love Dave and Busters, so we had gone there to eat.  Unfortunately, we had no time after eating very unhealthy food to play anything, but we did get a great deal on food and the card refills. :)  I also had this really interesting drink.  I think it was called a Dave Wave?  I don't remember what was in it.  (It was alcoholic, though. lol)

Today, Alayna and Olivia had their friend's birthday party to go to at Chuck E Cheese.  They love the games and the food there, but they don't like Chuck E himself.  Actually, all the kids cowered and started to cry when Chuck E came out.  I'm sure the hostesses are used to that reaction, but it's still a little humorous. :)  They had fun regardless!

The kids had a great time and the weather was great today!  Unfortunately, when we all got home the kids fell asleep. (And just woke up, joy!)  So they couldn't go outside when their friends rang the bell.  I hope the weather continues to stay warm!