Mar 19, 2010

Can we just go to sleep and restart the day over again?

Actually, the day started off great.  I had the 30% off from Old Navy, so I went to get the kids (and myself!) some spring/summer clothes.  I have to say, I was very pleased with the fact that I got $200 worth of clothes for $86.00.  I love when the receipt shows the savings because it really makes me feel better about spending that $86. LOL  If I save more than I spend, I can condone it.  (I'm sure others feel the same way!)

K-Mart was next.  I had been e-mailed the $10 off of a $20 purchase and I had read the controversy about the coupon and how some stores aren't honoring it, but I needed diapers and decided to try there to see if they'd honor it.  After all, it was good until May.  So I went to the store with my K-Mart coupon and my Huggies coupons and got to the check out.  The coupon scanned "Reward Unknown".  Thankfully, the manager came over and put in the $10 off anyway... And to think, sometimes I complain about that K-Mart's customer service!  I feel I did well.  I bought 2 Huggies pure and natural diapers for $7.99 each. (= 15.98) and I got a pair of sneakers that were on clearance for $7.99 since I needed a $4.02 filler to make it over $20.  I needed a pair of good sneakers for exercise anyway!!  So my total came out to $23.97.  I then had the $10 off of a $20 purchase, which came out to $13.97... Then I had the (2) $3 huggies coupons.  So that was -$6 more.  I only ended up spending $7.97 on two packs of Huggies diapers and a pair of sneakers. :)  The manager was nice enough to say that if I wanted to use another, she would honor it again.  Unfortunately, I didn't have anymore with me, but it's nice to know that they're nice enough to honor the coupon even with the controversy.  I was very proud of myself.

By the time I got home, my kids were outside with my mom.  I hung out with the mommies for a bit and had to get Olivia accustomed to being with the kids.  She was a little scared because of the fact that the kids were all older than her. She didn't think they would include her, but when they did she was so excited.  (I snapped that pic above of the girls playing. :) My Alayna is in the purple and my Olivia is in the pink pants and white shirt.)  They had so much fun playing with Little People, Littlest Pet Shop and the doll house.

The other kids were going to go to the park, so my mom and I decided to take a walk over with them.  When I went to turn my car on to close my car window, my car wouldn't start.  My heart nearly stopped when that happened, since I have plans tomorrow and need my car!!  AAA was very helpful and jumped my car, but told me my car battery looked very corroded and told me it probably hadn't been changed since 2001 when the car was first purchased. (I got the car in 2007)  So off I went to get the battery fixed, cursing myself that I had to spend money on a new damn battery.  Thankfully, the guy at the repair shop was very nice to me.  He even fixed my headlight free of charge.  He told me that it wasn't a blown fuse, as I was told previously by another repair shop, but told me it was just the socket that the bulb went into.  He did a quick fix to keep the light on until I could get the socket fixed. (Which is $60 versus a $400 fuse job!!)  I was very happy with the service I got from that place.

The rest of the night went better.  As I was at the repair shop, my mom let Alayna (who is 4) go to the park with two of her friend's and her friend's mother.  I nearly killed my mom when she told me she let Alayna go alone, but I realized that she is 4 and I had promised her that we'd go before I found out about my car being stalled.  Alayna came home at 7:30pm from the park!!  (Ok, I admit, I cheated and walked over to the park to see if she was OK. lol Mommy paranoia!!)  It just means my little girl is growing up and will want to be with her friends more than with me. (Waa!!)  

I'm just gonna relax now, watch Medium, watch some Lifetime or LMN, eat a nice Pizza Hut pizza that we ordered and go to sleep!!  I have a long day tomorrow.  Olivia is sound asleep since we got home and Alayna is on her way out to sleep!

Princess and the Frog giveaway will be posted TOMORROW!!