Mar 23, 2010

I want my good kids back!

My 2 year old has definitely hit the terrible 2's and my 4 year old still isn't out of them.  I have no idea what happened to my two little angels and if anyone finds them, bring them back!!

Since they woke up they have been terrorizing each other and the house.  I think I have cleaned up the living room, my room and their room 5 times each.  Every time they ate, food was everywhere.  I made the mistake, for lunch, for letting my 4 year old eat noodles and butter in the living room on her table.  She wanted to watch "her shows".  I get in there and find them ALL over the floor.  Apparently, as she said, her and her imaginary friend had a food fight.  Olivia sat nicely in the kitchen and ate.  

That's the last time I'm letting Alayna eat in the living room.  I don't care how much she begs or cries.
I found my kids fighting over a Barbie in the living room after that.  They were throwing toys at each other.  I took that Barbie away and no one got it.  I'm not afraid to confiscate things when my kids aren't doing what they should be doing.  I know that my mom made the mistake of threatening and never following through...that's why I never learned my lesson and always kept pushing the limits of my mom. 

I heard this quote once and I believe it's true - "If your kids hate you, you're doing something right."  My kids hate my guts right now, and they're very bothered that I'm not letting it bother me. lol

Tomorrow I will have to apologize to my neighbors for my kids' screaming match tonight at dinner.  It wasn't just a screaming match, it was a bloodcurdling screaming match.  Why?  They felt like it.  Olivia started screaming and thought it was hilarious, so Alayna followed.  I'm sure they heard my kids screaming on top of their lungs and I'm surprised no one complained yet.  At least their food stayed on their plates and they finally stopped the screaming when I threatened more toys disappearing.

Hopefully, I'll have my good kids back by tomorrow.  I can only pray.

I really wanted to post the Monday Mingle tonight, since I didn't get to post it last night.  I doubt that will happen.  Maybe I can get it up by tomorrow. LOL  

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