Mar 12, 2010

I love the Cheesecake Factory!

I am on a mini vacation (that's what I call it. LOL) and am enjoying myself very much. 

Call me sheltered and uncultured, but I haven't ever been to the Cheesecake Factory.  Though...I have heard amazing things, really.  Tonight, my friends suggested maybe we go there and when we looked up the menu online, it was incredibly extensive.  We found our way there via GPS.  First off, the place was HUGE and GORGEOUS.  Such a gorgeous building.  Once we got the actual menu, holy good GOD there was so much listed it was a frikkin BOOK, not a menu!  It was awesome, really.  We were so overwhelmed with the menu that we decided just to get a few smaller entrees that they called "snacks" and share those.  We had fried artichokes, mini crabcakes and corn fritters.  A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!  I also had a Shephards Pie as an entree, but completely didn't eat it all.  We still have leftovers that we're keeping in the mini fridge of the hotel.

[I'm backtracking but...] When I first got here I felt so homesick.  I missed my bed, I missed my room, I missed my kids the most.  My little huggy darlings. :(  I miss their whining and crying and "mommy mommy mommy"ing... My friends got me out of that funk.  We got all dressed up for dinner in our pretty leggings and long shirts/dresses, we did our makeup together and did our hair and took pictures in the mirror... Some may consider them "Myspace/Facebook Poses"... lol  I call it pure fun!!  I actually was very pleased with the way I looked...10lbs is a lot when you're dressed in a form fitting shirt.  The homesickness went away pretty quickly.  :)  
Our mini vaca, so far, is just perfect.  I'm having a great time and am sad it's gonna be over so soon...  Though I am glad to go home and see my kids in another two days. :)  I can hug them and kiss them until they get so tired of me.  Until I go home, we can talk on the phone. My mom and I agreed that I needed this time off.  

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