Mar 21, 2010

Sometimes adults play like kids!

I grew up in the days of the original Nintendo with the very pixellated characters and corny games. We had Game Boy to play with when we traveled (and man was the Game Boy a brick -- not to mention black and white!!) and I remembered when the Game Boy Color came out, it was such a great advance in technology!  Yet still the images on the screen were very pixellated and the games not too interesting.  Our computers were IBM's and had big huge floppy disks.  There weren't too many games for our computer, but we had to use a joy stick when we did play the few games we had!  No internet...  Of course, my kids and their friends find all of this so hard to believe.  Games weren't as interesting as they were now??  Game Boys were huge and black and white?  Big floppy disks, what?!  I actually found one of the Nintendo games, Game Boy systems and Floppy Disks to show my kids and their friends.  They were in disbelief!  (Ha, also remember Sega Gamegear??)

Kids, these days, have it so easy.  They start using a computer at age 3 or 4 and get cell phones by the time they're 9 or 10.  Everything is handed to them since they can just text their friends or IM their friends!  My kids (2 and 4) have game systems. (Leapster for Olivia and a Nintendo DS for Alayna)  We have a Wii as well.  They have their fun games on their systems and sure they're addicting!

As much as I yell at them to put down their games, I can't be a hypocrite.  I am absolutely obsessed with a Facebook game called Petville.  I'm sure ALL of you know what it is, and most of you probably play it.
When I first downloaded this, I wasn't sure what to expect from a web based FB game, but it was awesome.  It reminded me of the old tamogachi games and nano pets. 

Petville is a game in which you create a pet that youh have to clean, feed, furnish it's house, clean other friend's houses/pets etc...  If you forget to feed your pet, he gets taken to the pound when he goes awry looking for food!  It's a cute game that makes you feel good when you see the Petville coins rack up! (For awesome Petville gear or your pet's house!)  
I am so obsessed with this game and I do freely admit it!!  Does anyone have Facebook and plays Petville?  If so, I'd love to add you to my neighborhood!  You can add me on Facebook here and just let me know you have Petville! :)

So I have a question...

Does anyone else have an obsession with Petville?  If not, what Facebook games do you play?