Mar 22, 2010

Does a day go by when I don't have to pay a bill?

I'm starting to wonder!  It doesn't help that because of (almost) having to move, we have been so disorganized and our bills really haven't been paid until the due date or until the grace period... We'll get back into the swing of things once we get everything organized again.  It just feels like every day I'm paying a bill.  (Even though it's more like weekly.)  

I wake up this morning to find DirecTV disconnected. I know, I know, it's pretty bad that my kids have a nervous breakdown when Sprout, Disney and Nickelodeon aren't available to watch, but the weather has been terrible.  They have been watching a lot of TV.  Thank God that's resolved and paid now, but I just got so frustrated and felt so irresponsible when that happened. 

Verizon finally sent me my phone replacement, I got it this morning.  It works a lot better than my old phone and I can finally access the internet, however I had a tiff with the Fed Ex man. 

First of all, our doorbell doesn't work.  It was disconnected a long time ago when there was a short in the wiring.  We now leave notes on the door for Fed Ex, UPS etc... To tell them they have permission to leave the package in the front door.  We ALWAYS sign our name to the notice that we leave. 

At around 10 AM I hear banging on my front door.  I don't mean knocking, I mean banging on the damn door.  I knew it was Fed Ex because I saw the truck outside, but I was washing dishes and getting food on for dinner.  6 minutes later this guy is stilll BANGING on the door.  At this point, Olivia wakes up and is petrified from the banging on the door.  I go downstairs and find the most rude Fed Ex man I have ever encountered.

The first thing he says is, "I hate people who pretend they aren't home when we come to the door."  Um, ok...very professional.  At this point I'm looking at him clueless.  He then asks me my name, I tell him and he asks me, "Are you old enough to accept this package?"  First of all, It's from Verizon.  It's my freaking cell phone.  I tell him that I'm 25 and ask for my package because I had to go.  Then he starts telling me that I look like I'm 14 years old and he can't give me the package... He asks if my "mommy" is home.  I want to choke the guy.  I told him off with some not nice words and asked him for my package because my kids were upstairs and I was cooking.  Then he starts running me down for being a teen mother.  I AM 25 FREAKING YEARS OLD. GIVE ME MY PACKAGE!!  OMG.  I wanted to smack him.  

He gives me my package and has me sign and tells me, "I was just about to take it back to Fed Ex when you didn't answer."  I told him that we have the sign on the door and he said he couldn't leave it because I didn't sign my name to it.  Um...I did.  It's right on the bottom.  He then tells me maybe my "mommy" can teach me how to properly write a note for Fed Ex on the door.  Now that i had my package, I politely told him that I would be contacting Fed Ex about him and closed the door on him. And I did call Fed Ex right when I got upstairs.  They were able to find out who delivered the package to my house and said they will take care of it.  I hope they do.  If he ever comes to my house again, I will complain.  

I hate people who think they have authority over other people.  Nothing gives him the right to talk to me like that.  If he's having a bad day, don't take it out on me.  My God.