Mar 12, 2010

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Out of all the concerts/plays/comedy shows/etc. that you have seen, which has been your favorite and why?  I definitely will have to say Next To Normal.  Most people do not consider it a show they want to see because of the subject matter, but this show is amazing.  I have seen the show a couple of times because it touches me so deeply and means so much to me.  The show itself really hits home because I can relate to a lot of the ups and downs.  

The show is basically about a suburban family and how they handle the everyday teenager/young adult issues, acceptance and mental illness.  Even though it sounds heavy, it really has a lot of humor to back up the drama.  Not only is the show great, but the actors are amazing too.  Especially Alice Ripley, who is someone I look up to as an actress and have for a while.  
It is definitely worth seeing the show if you're in New York or if you ever get to New York.  The show will just blow you away.

Donuts or Donut Holes?  I like the Dunkin Donuts Munchkins.

Is there anything that you are still in the dark ages in regards to? (i.e. no cellphone, no computer, no iPod, etc...?) I don't have a Tivo kind of thing and everyone thinks I am crazy because I don't have that. lol  Everything else, I'm pretty with the technology!