Mar 6, 2010

What do you do on a nice sunny day?


Ok, well, that is what a normal person self admitted shop-a-holic does. (I'm Kristin and I am a shop-a-holic...Admitting it is the first step to recovery. lmao)  Well, fortunately, that's not all I did, but it was very fulfilling. (In the way feeding an addiction is.)

The weather was gorgeous today.  It was about 60 degrees and very sunny, believe it or not!  It was just so warm and beautiful.  Olivia had gone to daddy's house this morning and she is there until tomorrow, so I took Alayna out with her friends for a little while.  It was nice chatting with the other mommies and just enjoying the warm weather too.  It was such a change from the crappy cold and dreary weather that we had been having, everyone enjoyed it! Afterwards, Alayna had gone to her friend's house down the block with a few people, so I had decided to go out and get some things done.  After all, my mom was still home just in case Alayna wanted to come home, so I went out.

Living in New Jersey, we don't have any Duane Reade stores around here.  We used to have a rather large one, but then DR decided to become exclusive to New York only... I stopped there since I had to go to Kinkos anyway.  I really have to say that Duane Reade has some great deals.  I got some nice lip sticks and nail polishes on sale for just a dollar and got Vitamin Healing Shampoo (which is supposed to be good) and conditioner for just $1.25 each.  
Since I was in Staten Island anyway, I decided to take a ride over to TJ Maxx.  I got some great deals. I got a North Face jacket for just $22 on sale, I got an iPod stereo (small and pink) for $10 on sale, I got an over the door jewelry hanger, a small jewelry box and a "Diva" margarita glass for my room on sale too.  My total came out to $50 for it all.  I found that a great total for everything I got. :)  I absolutely love the iPod speakers that I got.  It works great, except that I have to put it on airplane mode in order to use it.  I don't use my iPhone that much when I'm home anyway, I use my Blackberry.  I don't mind that one bit!

When I got home, I realized I had left a package at TJ Maxx and by that time, Alayna was home.  I took her with me and we went back to TJ Maxx, Michaels (to get her something, I got her a $1 tiara lol) and we also went to Mandees.  They were having a great clearance sale that was buy one get one free on their 70% off merchandise, so I got some shirts.  I really needed some longer shirts to wear with my leggings.  I found some great things there and will definitely go back as soon as I possibly get some more money that I can just spend on random stuff. lol  I also got a coupon for $10 off a $40 order for the next time. Also, standing in the line, I had seen an advertisement for 20% off one item when you texted Mandee30 to 45566, so I did and they gave me 20% off.  I saved about $10 off my purchase.  (Make sure to do that if you're going to Mandees! The savings really does add up!)

That was my very long day! (If you read this, kudos! lol)  Now it's time to relax, Alayna is asleep and I am completely exhausted!  

I apologize that this post was pretty much completely boring, but I was excited at what I got today and had to show someone. lol


Debbie(single;complicated) said...

sounds like fun..:)

Cori said...

I love TJ Maxx, I've never heard of Duane Reed or Mandees, though. Must be awesome living just a drive away from NYC!

giggling kids said...

I found you throgh Friday Follow, and I am your newest follower! Feel free to follow me too!

Ms Bibi said...

Sounds like fun shopping trip and check out those bargains. You did awesome.I love a good bargain.

Thanks for following me.Sorry I am returning the favor a bit late.