Mar 5, 2010

Now I know what REAL portions are supposed to be....

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That, little teeny Weight Watchers Smart Ones "Cheeseburger" is the "correct" portion size of a burger.  It's the size of a freaking slider. LOL  Thank God It's actually very filling and actually VERY tasty!  (Compare it to the size of the Light and Fit, which I also ate!)  No wonder when I ate McDonalds I used to gain a shit load of weight.  I'm learning what the right size portions are from Smart Ones, Lean Cuisine and Nutrisystem. :)

The cheeseburgers are pretty new, as I just saw them in the store and the label "New" is scrolled across the top of the box.  I wouldn't eat this small teeny burger for dinner, but it's great for a lunch with a salad or yogurt.  It's 200 Calories for one small burger, though the box contains 2.  In my opinion, it's definitely worth it for the price since it is delicious and great for a small quick lunch when you don't want to scarf down an entire LC or WW meal.   

I want to sing the praises of Best Buy.  They are definitely amazing and very helpful.  I had just purchased my Samsung TL220 just two short weeks ago, and misplaced the USB cord to it. (To which I really freaked out since pictures are an essential part of my blog!)  I explained this to the manager, and he went in the back and got me a brand new USB cord.  THANK YOU, BEST BUY! Now I have one less thing to worry about in my day! lol  My luck, I'll find my USB cord tonight.

Taking my kids out for a few hours!  I have to do some errands, so they're coming along with me.