Mar 24, 2010

An open letter to Target Stores...

Dear Target,

I shop used to shop there all of the time, probably more than I should.  Your store is was my guilty pleasure.  The fact that our local store is become a Super Target with the fresh meat and fruit is a very great idea for our area since it will give other local supermarkets a run for their money!  However, I do have a complaint big complaint.  

Your employees of the Jersey City, NJ store definitely need to learn the coupon policy as well as becoming a little more knowledgeable about coupons themselves. (Especially the one casier, a few months ago, that didn't even know you could get coupons for Target...Really, now? And she's employed there?) Three different incidents within the past 2 months have really frustrated me.  Especially since my coupons and I shop shopped there all of the time. (We don't go anywhere without each other.) I have had many great experiences at Target but unfortunately, the three extremely bad experiences I have had have probably ruined it for me.

The first experience I had in late January, the cashier refused to use any of my coupons because she was almost off her shift and scanning the coupons would cut into when she left. (Oh, I'm 100% serious about this.  I wish I was kidding! I can't believe how selfish people can be.)  I complained to the manager on duty and was told, "Well, I don't blame her. She has been here since 9 a.m."  Although, she also did say that while she understood, she should have taken my coupons anyway rather than my going to customer service to get the money back.

Second experience, I was purchasing Kashi Cereal, Kashi Snack Bars and Juicy Juice.  I had target coupons as well as manufacturer coupons and was told by the cashier that they couldn't use two coupons on one item.  I explained to them that you can use one target coupon and one manufacturer coupon without a problem on an item, but the cashier was still very rude and told me I didn't know what I was talking about.  (Which I found very insulting.)  She eventually pushed my coupons through once I threatened to get a manager to come assist.  Though she was mumbling under her breath about how I'm "cheating" Target.

Then today...Oh today...the other two experiences could have been forgotten if it wasn't for today.  I wasted an hour and a half of my day standing at the cashier's counter arguing with the cashier and manager as well as holding up customers who did not deserve to be aggravated.  

First, I wanted to notify Target itself (since my local store didn't give a damn) that the Physicians Formula mineral powder makeup that is on sale for $3 is NOT ringing up as $3 at the counter.  It is coming up regular price.  This is where I encountered my FIRST issue. 

I had notified the cashier, upon scanning the items, that they were $3.  I had taken a picture of the sale sign when I found they weren't pricing right on the self scanner, so I showed the photo to the cashier.  He told me he couldn't accept the picture as proof because he had to hear it from a manager.  Ok, understandable.  I waited patiently for someone to find out.  I got this very nice male manager who told the cashier that they were, in fact, $3.  He fixed the price until a female manager came over and said, (AND I QUOTE) "There is no damn way in hell that the makeup is $3.  That's expensive make up and must be an advertising mistake!"  - Professional language, btw! -  She then proceeded to FORBID the cashier from using the sale price for me.  I kept arguing and was called a bitch by the female manager because of the fact that I wouldn't "give up".  To make a very long (and 35 minute) story short, eventually the male manager came over to tell the cashier to just give it to me for $3 already since the line was getting held up. 

Next, I was chastised grately by the cashier for wanting to use my coupons when I took the coupons out of my purse. (How dare I use a coupon!)  He told me that I was essentially "stealing" from Target because I'm getting all of my items for practically nothing.  I explained to the cashier that it was not stealing since I was paying some money and giving him the coupons.  I also told him that Target will be reimbursed for the value of the coupons.  He then went on to make another excuse and said that if he scanned all of my coupons he would be fired.  Again, I know that is a huge lie.  I told him that I have worked in retail and have never heard anyone get fired because of scanning too many coupons. He then started to have an attitude with me and told me that it wasn't fair since I would end up paying a lot less than what I bought.  This entire argument took ALMOST AN HOUR.  It was a long drawn out argument that involved the two managers and my cashier.  The male manager was the ONLY one who showed some normalcy and kindness.  The female manager called me a bitch, yet again.  She also told me that customers who disrespect their "uppers" were not welcome in the store.  After that comment, I told her that I would no longer be shopping at that Target store because of the attitude and disrespect shown to their customers.

I am not going to stand there and take blatant disrespect, cussing and degridation from ANYONE who thinks they're better than me.  What ever happened to "The customer is always right?"  I guess that is no longer correct in some stores.

Honestly, I love Target and would love to continue shopping there, but those three experiences (especially the last) really ruined me.  I am very upset and very angry that ANYONE can treat another person that way.