Mar 16, 2010

Don't bother mommy...

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When I found this article today (Honey, Don’t Bother Mommy. I’m Too Busy Building My Brand) I thought maybe I was the only one very offended by the title.  Thank God, I'm not.  Blair (Of Heir to Blair) feels exactly the same way that I do.  The title is very degrading and very misleading.  I guess it's also stereotypical.  There are many people, obviously, who think that Mommy Bloggers sit glued to their computers night and day shooting e-mails to companies, commenting on other blogs, waiting for comments on theirs, twittering, facebooking, etc...  Those same people probably also think that we dessert our kids while sitting there at the computer going about our bloggy business.  That is very untrue about most of us. (I will not speak for all, because I don't know what others do.)  

Honey, don't bother mommy. I'm too busy building my brand... I guess this author, Jennifer Mendelson, feels that we mommy bloggers sit on our lazy butts all day while our husbands, boyfriends or wait...even better....nannies watch our kids.  (What a laugh!! And like we can afford nannies!)  The way she puts it actually makes it sound like we're self centered little bitches to our children.  As if our blogs and building our readership are SO much more important than our own flesh and blood...

Personally, I have two kids.  I have a 2 and a 4 year old.  They are my life first and foremost.  I put my children before my blog and before my internet life at all times.  I mostly go online before they wake up, if they're napping and when they go to bed.  If they wake up while I'm blogging, of course I'll put that on the backburner and go to my children.  They know that if I am on my computer, they can always come to me and I will always stop what I am doing and help them.  Especially being a single mommy blogger, sometimes we get even more of a bad rap than the married mommy bloggers.  I have been asked (by offline friends!) what my kids do when I'm blogging and on the computer.  They just assume that I am always on there.   

(Not stated in this article, but still something that bothers me) I have read many a time that mommy bloggers get the benefit of sitting in front of their computers all day and writing about their children's boogers, diaper changes and "whoring" themselves to companies for compensation and sponsorship... Yes, I have heard that from people that are unknowledgable about mommy blogging and read it as well.  That couldn't be farther from the truth.  Compensation? Ha!  Like I'm making a living and can support my family off my blog.  It would be nice, maybe a dream someday, but not reality.

Even though we face the criticism for what we do, we take lemons and make them into lemonade.  We fly our mommy blogger titles proudly, at least I know I do!  A lot of what that article says is true because mommy bloggers are very devoted to what they do, it is just the title that is misleading and very very offensive.  As some mommies do make  money off their blog and are able to quit their day jobs, (I'm not naming names) most mommy bloggers just have their sites as a hobby.  Of course we take it seriously, even though it is a hobby.  
I would love to attend a Bloggy Bootcamp session one day -- But I digress!! 

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