Mar 22, 2010

I was a pumpkin bread virgin...

I'm doing a lot of cooking lately!  That's because I'm usually so out of the box, pop it in the microwave, voila! dinner... LOL  I've wanted to make Pumpkin bread since fall, but I never had the nerve or willpower.  I'm on a diet starting today, so all I could do was taste a small piece once it was done, but I made it for my family. (Who are eating healthy as well, but not limiting calories.)  Alayna helped me with cracking the eggs.  She's excellent at that!  I really held my breath once I mixed all the ingredients and put it into the oven... I was so afraid that I'd put it on too long and burn it.  I also wasn't sure how much oil to put in the bread itself because of the fact that... I need measuring spoons. LOL  I did a "food network" trick and "eyeballed" it.  Apparently my secret measuring trick worked!  The house smelled so delicious of pumpkin bread, even though it's Spring. (Hey, I love the smell of pumpkin.  I put pumpkin candles on all year long!)  It looked so great once it was done!

I'll have to post the recipe for the pumpkin bread later.  I am so exhausted and typing out a recipe is just exhausting. LOL  Look for that coming up!  

I'm not sure what happened to my good children.  They were here yesterday and now they've turned into little devils.  At dinner tonight, Olivia threw a spoonful of potatoes at her sister across the table.  She then spilled the iced tea ALL over the floor deliberately.  Now the two of them are trying to fight over one Barbie (when we have millions) in the living room.  They won't go to sleep AT ALL.  This is going to be a late night. I can tell.

Who does everyone want to win on Dancing With The Stars?  I LOVE Neicy Nash.  I've always loved her from Clean House.  :)  She's gorgeous, extremely proud of her curves and bigger build, and has the best self confidence I have ever seen.  She carries herself beautifully and I really hope she gets far in the competition! :)