Mar 17, 2010

I'm 25 today!!

Me as a little baby!

No idea how old I am here.  1?

 2 or 3?
5 or 6

Me now :)

I am the only natural Italian but raised Polish girl who is born on St. Patrick's Day. :)

25 years ago today I was born to a woman who would do the most courageous thing that anyone could ever do, she gave me up for adoption.  My adoptive parents (my real parents) couldn't have children but tried for years.  I was the light of their life and spoiled rotten; I can't deny that!  Even though I was adopted, and knew it since I can remember, It doesn't phase me in my everyday life.  My mom is my mom, my grandparents are my grandparents, etc...  I did get a chance, when I was 18, to thank my biological mother for giving me the life she did.  It was, by no means, a fairytale reunion.  The reunion actually left me feeling pretty empty and upset that it didn't end up the way I had dreamed... But none the less, I got to thank her.

I can't believe today is my birthday.  I can't believe I'm 25 years old!!  It seems like time has gone so quickly, when it really hasn't! :)  I still remember being in High School and believing that I would never get out. lol  

I'm not doing too much today, just relaxing, eating my traditional birthday meal corned beef and cabbage, eating my birthday cake, spending time with my kids and dieting tomorrow!

Any mommies in NJ that want to go out?  LOL  It's pretty bad when I'm asking mommy bloggers!!  (I'm 100% serious though. LOL)