Mar 31, 2010

I've become quite the domestic goddess! lol

I've been trying to get some really healthy but delicious recipes and I came along this one.  I made myself and my kids (yesterday morning) Strawberry Shortcakes for breakfast. :)  This was less than 200 calories and perfect for a breakfast for me.  Very delicious!!  I wish I could have had more than just one! (But that's how I got into the weight problem I have now!) I definitely have to get that recipe posted up.

I didn't post yesterday because of our HUGE dillemma... My 2 year old decided it would be fun to stuff baby wipes down the toilet.  Oh, she didn't just stuff some...she stuffed about 10 and THEN flushed.  I hear her go, "Uh oh Mama" and ran into the kitchen where I was cleaning up.  I walk into the bathroom and see the toilet completely overflowing. (Great mom I am, eh?)  We eventually got the water shut off and my mom used the shop vac we had to get the water up, but we still had the problem of getting the stupid clog OUT of the toilet.  I think we tried everything.  

Needless to say, I had to get to Lowes at about 8pm where the guy (who can't speak english) tells me to unbolt the toilet, move it and remove the clog out of the main pipe... Yes, hold on. Let me, a woman, unbolt the toilet.  With no help from Lowes, I went to Home Depot.  The employee there was very helpful.  He sold me a plumbers auger and said that would definitely get out the baby wipes.

Now, we had no toilet for almost 10 hours because we couldn't remove the stupid clog.  The bathroom downstairs got flooded as well because the water went through the stupid vent down to there.  (Thank God my mom just lives there and no one was downstairs!)  I got home with the auger and thankfully, that removed the baby wipes within 15 minutes.  What an ordeal... Definitely the terrible 2's. 

Today was a lot easier.  lol  No bathroom problems, no major dillemmas.  I did have a $50 Macy's gift card I was given for my birthday and today was a good sale.  So I went to Macy's to see what I could spend. :)  I got two shirts and one Mac lip gloss for the $50 and am pretty happy with what I got.  The only problem is, Macy's is so expensive.  I really had a hard time only spending the $50.  (Not to mention leaving the mall only going there... I'm a  

I also got some great products to test and giveaway within the next few weeks.  We have another conair giveaway, princess and the frog giveaway, Soda Stream giveaway, Wowwee toy giveaway, A gift card giveaway and a few baby item giveaways!  Wow...!!  I'm grateful to all the companies who sent products to test. Keep posted or join our mailing list or Facebok fan page to keep updated on when those are posted!!