Apr 25, 2010

I feel so old because I am about to say this...

...And you know, it's so funny because when I was a teenager and into *N Sync and BSB and Britney Spears, I was the same exact way.  It's funny how your opinions change as you get older and funny how your vision gets clearer!

Today we celebrated my best friend's 26th birthday.  I love her to death and would do anything for her.  When she invited me to an Honor Society concert, I jumped at the chance to be with her when she celebrates her birthday and does something she absolutely loves.  Honor Society is her favorite band.  I had gotten a CD from her a few months ago, and I have to say that their music is very good!  Though, I wasn't very familiar with them.  

Now, Honor Society is basically a boy band.  I would compare them to Hanson, even though they aren't brothers and even though there are 4 of them.  When I say this, you'll understand further where my rant is coming from...
They had opened up for Jonas Brothers last year...
...Need I say more. (For the record, I do not like Jonas Brothers, but my daughter does. lol)

The concert was general admission, so my friends got there at absurd hour of 6 am and completely understood that I didn't want to couldn't get there until noon, THANK YOU GUYS!!  Thankfully, they ended up being the 8th-11th people online, so we were sure we were guaranteed first row for her birthday -- which would make her so happy.  

Frustration started when the 10-14 year olds started their teenybopper bragging, screaming, etc...  Which, I know they were excited, I was their age at one point in time, but they were just obnoxious...  My youngest friend there was 21 and even she understood that what they were doing was annoying.  I was a little annoyed by their antics, but understood because we were all that age.  I'm sure I was like that too...

We had a great time in the line, my friend got her meet and greet and went to soundcheck, she was very happy because she got a birthday greeting from them and when she came back to the line and it was time to go in...the mess started.

Teens from the back of the line started to sneak in the front, we had 20 year olds arguing with the teens, security guards had to kick people out of the line, the entire line started going awry...  When the doors opened it got worse.  People started pushing others... (Frustration!)  

To make a long story short, once we got in we ended up a lot farther back than we would have liked because of the fact that people pushed, made a run for it and so on...  My friend wasn't upset, just frustrated just as I was... We decided to sit in the seating farther back because we couldn't stand the entire time with the kids/teens screaming and pushing down on the floor.  

We felt old... We opted to sit in the seats with the parents... lol

Despite the teens screaming, and despite the opening acts being way too long (YES...3 opening acts)  We had a good time.  Unfortunately, we did leave before the show was over because we didn't want to get stuck in the line getting out of there.  We went to dinner instead.  

We felt even older!!

It's all a part of growing up.  It's all a part of being an adult and all a part of opening our eyes to what we probably were when we went to concerts at that age.  We had some laughs, we shared our frustrations and had a great time.  I wouldn't change a thing... And she is still one of my best friends anyone can ever have.  Everyone should be as lucky as to have a friend like my friend Gina. :)

OH!  And when I got home, I came home to the Cascade 24 Hour Challenge sitting on my kitchen table!  Any excuse to bake a blueberry cobbler, I'm there! :)  That means we are going to have a giveaway soon for a $25 Walmart Gift Card!!