Apr 20, 2010

Spring, come back!

We had spring for a total of three weeks, now it's back to being cold.  Today wasn't too bad, it was in the lower 70's.  Very breezy.  Either way, I got to get out with the kids for about a half hour.  Unfortunately, it didn't make them tired AT ALL.  Tomorrow is our local carnival.  I am hoping that running around with them there will make them tired.  I can only hope.

 I guess playing in the dirt is oh so fun!!

My youngest, Olivia, found this old christmas decoration that we have been meaning to throw out.  She was so hilarious with it! She kept on calling him "Ella" and hugging him.  She'd say "Hi Ella" whenever she walked past him.  I couldn't stop laughing.

 All in all, I wish it was nicer out so we didn't have to wear sweaters and could have been out longer, but that day will come!!  I just had fun spending some time in the fresh air.