Apr 13, 2010

Nick JR. Storytime Live - What a great world for a child!!

My 4 year old had been talking about something she saw on TV called Nick Jr. Storytime Live.  Of course, I haven't been sitting in her room with her when she watches TV and plays because I would be washing dishes or cleaning the house during the quiet time that I do have! Ha!  Well, I really pushed it aside thinking it would be just like everything else she and I have gone to see.

While sitting in the living room with them one night and watching TV, a segment came on about the making of Nick Jr. Storytime live and I was just amazed at how they really used their artistic ability to make the set idea, costumes, puppets, etc...  It seemed completely different than anything else I had ever seen with my daughter and was a lot more thought out than just a throw together production.  I decided to look up a little more about it, being very interested in the artistic and technical side of things.  I also felt that the combination of Wonder Pets, Kai Lan, Dora, Backyardigans and the "hosts" Moose and Zee really would make for a great show for the kids!

From the producers of Dora Live and Backyardigans Live, comes a brand new show! Nickelodeon presents their newest, biggest, most exciting live show ever – STORYTIME LIVE! Come play along with your favorite preschool pals live on stage. Leap into Fairytale Land with “Dora the Explorer,” journey through Filthingham with “The Backyardigans,” hop into Wonderland with “Wonder Pets!,” and join the Monkey King’s celebration with “Ni Hao, Kai-lan.” Hosted by Moose and Zee, Nickelodeon’s musical adventure, STORYTIME LIVE features four of the top-rated preschool shows on television today and is sure to be the hit live show you and your family have been waiting for! - Credit NickLiveTour.com
 The show itself is 1 hour and 30 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission and it's just pure fun from start to finish!  My daughter is actually very excited about going and absolutely can't wait to see her favorite, the Wonder Pets.  That's all I have been hearing about for the past two weeks! The Wonder Pets characters are actually large puppets worked by puppeteers with their faces visible.  This is a big difference from many other kids shows, but I also believe this really helps the kids to understand that there are talented actors and actresses behind their favorite characters. Songs are sung from the shows as well, but some songs are brand new and only exclusive to Storytime Live.  So for the younger children who are creature of habit, they will still be enthralled by songs that they may have heard on TV.   I know for my youngest it helps her to understand better when she hears something more familiar.

Storytime Live is coming to the beautiful State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ, but have dates all through October 2010!  Nick JR Storytime Live Tour dates.

Make sure you go and check it out!  If you're in the NY/NJ area, make sure to check out Nick Jr Storytime Live at the State Theater in New Brunswick, NJ!

Disclaimer: I was given a 2 tickets for myself and my daughter to Nick Jr Storytime Live provided by the State Theater for this review.  That was the only compensation I have received for this blog posting.  Thank you to the State Theater in New Brunswick NJ!