Apr 29, 2010


I think I complain about the weather all too much on here, but there is so much to complain about!  It was freezing this morning and for the past few days.  The weather going from 79-80 degrees and then down to 49-50 is making people sick.  Personally, I have terrible allergies and especially since the wind has been blowing the pollen all around.  Today was terrible.  My mom was feeling the allergies and so was I.  Moms don't have downtime, unfortunately! We have to keep going even when we're half dead! lol  Especially today.  It was a crazy busy day.  I had about 10 minutes to nap!

We're still not sure what is going on with our moving status, but we are having a large garage sale this weekend.  (Thank God!)  We need to get the excess out of the house just in case we have to move.  I had to run to Home Depot to pick up some moving boxes for organization.  (Or our hopeful organization...I can't make any promises!)  Wind + trying to push a cart with 10 cardboard boxes = Not easy to do. It was slightly comical, actually!

Olivia was hilarious today.  She somehow memorized the channel that Sprout is on our TV.  My mom and I had been watching Food Network with Alayna this afternoon, and Olivia takes the remote and puts Sprout back on.  Damn kids and learning technology early!!  I'm realizing that she's growing up and probably should learn more about technology!  She already knows how to unlock and find games on my iPhone. :)

I did get some awesome mail today.  I got a Childrens Claritin campaign from BzzAgent as well as my hair straightener to review from Missakko!  That giveaway will also be coming up!  Keep posted to our blog for those! 

This entry is all scatterbrained.  I have a headache coming on and I should get to sleep since the kids are.  

I'm gonna add some questions from That's My Answer just to make this more interesting. lol

Do you have a go-to outfit that you always pull out in the event of a  wardrobe emergency? What would constitute a wardrobe emergency?  Definitely!  I have a nice pair of skinny jeans, a black tank top that has a cute little heart chain connected to it and my black boots.  That's my emergency outfit.  I would constitute a wardrobe emergency being my having to go somewhere and not having time to really pick anything out.  :)  It's happened more often than I'd like to admit!

What do you want most? To be my goal weight!  That's what I want the most and that's what would be the most attainable.  Other than that, I'd want a mustang convertible,  the pink sequined coach purse that I dream about and I want to have enough money that I don't have to worry about bills and not being able to give my kids what they want. :)  I do my best and am happy that I am doing all I can!  Materialistic things aren't the most important anyway!

Do you like your food to be spicy? How much is too much? I love spicy food...way too much, actually.   I don't think anything is too hot for me.   Olivia is turning out to be the same way as me, she absolutely loves spicy food.  

Where is your favorite place to retreat to when you have some time to yourself? When that rare moment happens, I love to go to Starbucks and bring my laptop with me. :)  Other than that, it would be at night being in my room.  It's just calming for me.