Apr 23, 2010

Where are my good kids? Part 2.

Once upon a time I had two kids that were complete angels.  I would praise my girls on how they would both go to sleep on time and how they would eat anything that was put before them.  Teeth would be brushed, hair would be brushed, clothes would stay on all day...  Everything was perfect.  My girls were the two most behaved kids that I could know of.

About a month ago, that all changed.  I understand that Olivia is going through the terrible 2's, but Alayna is adding to it so much so that I can hardly handle it.  Tonight I had to walk out and take an hour break because I was about to have a breakdown.  My mom completely understood and told me to just take a break.  Tonight was the worst it has ever gotten, I was so tempted to e-mail super nanny.  

#1. I know my kids aren't bad...it's just a phase, but it's a phase that better end soon.  Olivia is in the phase of taking off her clothes and walking around naked.  I constantly tell her to put her clothes on, but she just takes them off again.  I understand that babies go through that phase, but Alayna decided she wanted to do the same thing -- unacceptable.  I took her blankie and her favorite webkin away and told her to put her clothes on or she wouldn't get it back.  After 45 minutes of screaming, she finally put her clothes back on.

#2. We were running out of toothpaste for the kids, so when I was at Stop and Shop I found Hannah Montana toothpaste.  The girls both love Hannah Montana, so I picked it up.  As I got home, Olivia wanted to brush her teeth.  So I put some on her toothbrush and helped her to.  Well, when Alayna saw that I had put "her" Hannah Montana toothpaste on Olivia's toothbrush; screaming ensued...and I mean SCREAMING!  Kicking her feet, throwing things, trying to pull the toothbrush out of Olivia's mouth... Time out #2 for Alayna today.  

#3.  The kids were watching Buddy The Elf (Their favorite movie...Yes, I know it's April ha!) and I had made them popcorn.  They ate the popcorn but THREW the kernels EVERYWHERE.   They were kicking them around and throwing them when I got in there... Time out for both of them.

#4.  I'm in the kitchen washing the dishes and I hear the sound of something being spilled...  I walk into the living room and a box of Macaroni and Cheese (that I got for one of my friends because it had peace signs on it) was spilled ALL OVER THE FLOOR.  Cheese packet and noodles.  I walk in there and fall on my butt because I slipped on noodles... (Thinking back, the falling is funny...but not the fact that it was everywhere.)  I started to sweep it up and Alayna KICKED THE DUST PAN.  They went everywhere AGAIN.  This was the last straw for me.  I tried ALL I could to get them to stop and to behave, I do all I can...I use every last bit of strength and energy I have, but when I put Alayna in time out, she kicked me in the face and ran into the kitchen.  That almost broke my glasses.  My mom could see I was getting upset and told me to just go take a break, she would calm them down for me.  Which I am grateful for.

Why are my kids like this all of a sudden?? They're such good kids.  I do everything for them.  I get them whatever I can get.  I know they're grateful that I do all I do for them, but why won't they just calm down and respect me right now?   I feel like I'll never past that phase.  I feel like it will be like this for years.  I just want to sit down and cry. :(  I needed to vent...

Thank you for listening.