Apr 7, 2010

Tylenol is not effective when splattered everywhere.

Tonight, I made a chicken, bacon and ranch wrap with a salad. :)  Everyone else was having turkey leftover from Easter, but I knew if I ate ANY turkey, I would have to have stuffing, cranberry sauce and other really bad bad foods.  I totally can't do that to myself! lol  My dinner was actually VERY filling and VERY delicious.  I used Morningstar Farms Veggie bacon, because I wanted to try it and I'm not too fond of turkey bacon, and it actually tasted JUST like regular bacon.  I was shocked!  If you're interested in the recipe, you can read it in this post on my weight loss blog. :) Yum, yum yum!!

The weather today neared the 90 degree mark.  It was just absolutely gorgeous.  I enojyed it because there was no humidity and actually a very nice breeze. :)  Unfortunately, we couldn't get the kids out because Olivia is getting over being sick and Alayna ran a high fever last night.  For myself, I'm sick too.  Mom's don't stop when they're sick! They CAN'T stop!

I'm sure all mommies have had to deal with the oh so fun fight with Tylenol liquid and their toddler/young child.  The child always wins and the Tylenol ends up everywhere BUT where it's supposed to be.  That was my last night.

The fight over the liquid Tylenol was  more than I could handle at 3 am, being sick myself.  After I cleaned up the medicine that ended up all over the wall and floor, I stuck her in a bathtub with my mom to sponge her down while I ran out to the A&P to get melt-a-ways.  Those are ALL she would take.  Hey, at least it's medicine, right?  It worked.  She was a little "blah" today, but she feels slightly better now.  I'm the one who feels like I have the flu.  I feel worse tonight than I did last night.  I just hope it doesn't last long.